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Establish at present to wear without moon cake of commodity bar code
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The Mid-autumn Festival is forthcoming, to ensure the moon cake of eligible safety flows into the market, yesterday, city hits a holiday to run bureau of associated city qualitative inspect, city industrial and commercial bureau the security of moon cake quality that to the urban district a few large supermarkets offer and excessive pack undertake checking. The moon cake that the examination discovers to supermarket place is sold accords with relevant provision generally, but because individual bulk moon cake is instructed next wearing without commodity bar code.

The supermarket sells moon cake accords with a requirement for the most part

Yesterday morning, execute the law personnel arms parts a way, respectively to the urban district many supermarkets undertake checking. In urban Henan bank some is large supermarket, the sale means of moon cake is varied, some makes a tie up sale, some presses weight sale, return some to press quantitative sale. Execute the law personnel asks the supermarket shows the relevant certificate such as report of moon cake quality inspection above all, the moon cake that goes up to goods shelves undertakes microscope. Via checking, the moon cake that this supermarket sells all has " QS " card, not was short of jin short the phenomenon of two. But execute the law the bulk moon cake of two kinds of brands that personnel discovers to this supermarket sells however does not have commodity bar code, violate concerned regulation, execute the law personnel asks this supermarket approves moon cake to make next wearing handle to this immediately. Subsequently, execute the law personnel checked the urban district again a few large supermarkets, did not discover problem of safety of moon cake quality.

A few citizens buy moon cake to pay attention to the exterior only

In urban Henan bank some supermarket, tell a reporter to choosing the couple of moon cake, they buy moon cake basically is to send a person, because of outer packing of this pair of moon cake somewhat lay particular stress on, choose those who look high-grade to buy commonly. If be to buy oneself to eat, can choose the taste that oneself like. Ask when the reporter the moon cake that whether knows to sell in the supermarket needs " QS " when card, they express not to know.

Mr Chen that buying moon cake thinks, the moon cake that since be in normal bazaar,sells, should accord with a standard, so he sees manufacturing date at most.

"When consumer is buying moon cake must many heart, want to notice to looked to whether spend the expiration period, or whether mark has manufacturing date, the site of factory, mark of conformity to wait, also can seek advice to the businessman at the same time relevant examine report. " chief expresses related bureau of city qualitative inspect.
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