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China does not do label of glue bar code to presswork the current situation anal
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Label of not dry glue pressworks analysis - since 20 centuries the our country at the beginning of 70 time introduces label of not dry glue to presswork from Japan technology up to now, the label of not dry glue of our country pressworks to had taken the course that passed 30 years. Come 30 years, the print of label of not dry glue of our country got label pressworks do not doing glue the current situation of the industry

The label of not dry glue of our country pressworks enterprise, the actual condition of standard of equipment of the applied limits according to sort of its located different district limits, final client, label, hardware and software technology force, can differentiate to be 4 kinds or call 4 administrative levels roughly, namely: Elementary administrative levels, intermediate administrative levels, medium high administrative levels and high administrative levels. Disparate arrangement of ideas has respective characteristic, have respective client group. Those who be worth to point out is, presswork the economic benefits that the administrative levels discretion of the factory obtains with its does not become direct ratio certainly, depend on however the market demand of disparate arrangement of ideas mixes various places presswork the oneself management of the factory.

Elementary administrative levels

Characteristic of * ticket product

Primary label of not dry glue pressworks the ticket product that the factory processes, the characteristic is format simple, give priority to with simple line, character, form commonly, deserve to have a few image of chromatic mesh attune and small area are on-the-spot. Its user is right of ticket product presswork quality demand is not high, also do not have rigid standard. Another characteristic of this kind of label is an amount big, breed is onefold.

* basic user

The final user that primary not dry offset print brushs a factory basically is in order to use VIP (alterable information pressworks) the industry that label gives priority to, if industry of supermarket, shop, electron, storehouse is mixed,day is changed, the industry such as medicine. These clients should undertake 2 times printing to finished product label commonly (or handwritten) , be like: The label that uses in the supermarket, before sticking label, commodity name and price should be hit on electronic balance; The label that uses in the shop, should use mark a price the gun prints the price in label surface, again label stickup in commodity surface; Blank label wants to use a form to pile up printer to print product information randomly in producing a course, if produce serial number of date, product,wait.
Other clients are to use simple color label, and to label presswork the company with horizontal not high demand.
So, the structure of product of ticket of not dry glue of elementary administrative levels is simple, facilitating treatment.

* uses data

With inferior smooth paper kind material is given priority to, if heat up quick paper, hot move paper, have (without) of coating inferior machine-glazed paper and a few art paper of face of art paper, lens. Filmy respect with inferior argent PET material is given priority to, still have a few BOPP, PVC.
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