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Bar code printer maintains basically measure

The cleanness of 1. lettering head
Be also basically is regular most maintain, above all cotton (or tampon contain less flocking and not coarse clean tool) , touch a few alcohol, make lettering head with " one-way " wipe lettering head to go up add a hot line, wipes time is wiped clean with will touching the carbolic pink in lettering head give priority to, affirm repeatedly later wipe twice can (imprint in the row about after hank paper, do maintain) .
The cleanness of 2. inductor
Main purpose goes to can make a machine normal run the span of correct capture paper and the safety that diagnose carbolic belt, if do not make cleanness,maintain for long, the meeting on inductor is deposit and dispersed the dirt in air, long later experience the illuminant of inductor when enclothing certain level, the machine arises with respect to the action that can have trouble, use the empty baric bottle that won't contain any part please so, the amount of its gush mop goes with the working environment with located machine judge (be in about a month, do maintain) .
3. paper carbon takes method and departmental joint to cleanness maintains and lubricate
The way that leads at installing paper and carbon does mop cleanness, can run in order to let paper and carbolic belt more smooth-going, in each OK and rotational joint or boil to examine and clean and adherent above accumulate content, lubricate with lube each parts can (be in about 3 months, do maintain) .
Carbon takes reclaim after axis and installation axis maintain even will every " axial force does new adjustment, knit with preventing to hit wait for case happening, do not suggest client proper motion does cleanness to maintain so (be in about 3 months, do maintain)
How to continue the life of bar code machine?
1.Correct operation: The operation of the person that use is correct, have very big effect to the accident of bar code service life, if the machine set such as temperature pressure reachs application.
2.Fulfil maintain: Whether to fulfil according to use circumstance maintain commonly, and maintain the movement is right (include use the appliance that maintain and method) , and periodic major maintains air officer is complete, afore-mentioned when to all affect bar code engine service life.
3.Environmental element: The machine shuts power source please when be not used, can let a machine maintain as far as possible in microtherm, best when switch power source can be apart 5~10 minute, choose to put as far as possible in cleaner environment. If can accord with above condition, the continuance of machine life is in at least 5% above

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