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How to apply for commodity form code?
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Ask: Mr Wen of Zhejiang is running plant of food of a diminutive, at present this mill development gave a kind of product, mr Wen wants to be sold through normal channel. But how to know what orgnaization applies a form code? Mr Wen hopes this print can solve this problem for him.

Answer: Commodity form code is equivalent to commodity " Id " , it is OK to sell tens of thousands of kinds of commodity in field to want to use respective commodity bar code only greatly easily area comes apart. But the application condition with apply for a form to pile up need to have certain and program.

File registered requirement: The unit that acquires legal entity business license lawfully or individual operator can manage need according to his, application registers manufacturer identifying code. Application registers behavior is freewill completely.

File registered order: The applicant can supervise bureau and encode branch to deal with application manufacturer to identify code formalities to seat technology, provide legal entity business license or do business charter and its photocopy 3, fill in " member of system of Chinese commodity bar code registers registration form " , can be in directly ANNC (Http: 蝫 Ww.ancc.org, center of encode of Cn/ China article) online fill in register registration form. (remarks: If fill in on the net,application form still needs to print, affix one's seal, refer local encode branch next) after the encode branch first trial of seat of application data classics, to according with conditional data, by encode the branch signs an opinion and the newspaper sends Chinese article to code the center is examined and approve. After the files data and applicant pay charge that codes the center receives first trial qualification, ask to according with a regulation, encode center registers manufacturer identifying code to applicant approve, finish examine and approve a program. After application unit receives letter of member of system of Chinese commodity bar code, application ends.

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