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Label of not dry glue reachs his to develop in the application of each industry

The growth of national economy, consumer packs the change of the concept and technical innovation, the market of label of not dry glue that gives China brought tremendous progress. Current, market of label of not dry glue rises every year with the speed of 20% in China, economy of far outclass countryman is average 7% ~ the growth rate of 9% , also home of outclass Europe United States does not do glue label market average 5% ~ the growth rate of 6% . Although growth rate is breathtaking, but the phase of market of label of not dry glue that matures with the developed country is compared, year of average per capita of China is not dry glue label dosage is only 0. 5 ~ 0. 6 square metre, compare Euramerican area average per capita year of dosage of ten square metre (the United States year average per capita 17 ~ ) of 18 square metre, market of label of not dry glue still has a lot of growth spaces and development latent capacity. The application of amid of label of not dry glue and development state of affairs are elaborated below from each industries.

Medical industry

The growth of life of average per capita, the development of medical science and technology makes medical industry is become long contain estate of unabated rising sun, be in especially " SARS " afterwards, people health increases of sanitarian consciousness further, the birth of product of more health care, make the progress of medical industry further quickly; Blame prescription drug places goods shelves, make all sorts of medicine products artistic to label black-and-white sexual demand is higher; The country is right at the same time the normative punish measure of medical industry, be like GMP attestation carry out, make medical trade more normative to packing a requirement, because a variety of defect will be not done,the wet glue previously sticks label glue label place is replaced, and use extensively what grow and stick mark form automatically of the medical shell form that pack will make do not do glue label to have absolutely advantage in this industry. Label of not dry glue occupies the 89 % of label market in industry of North America medicine, the development trend that Chinese medicine industry does not fight glue label also will such.

Current, the paper end the Gelaxin that art paper of in order to and lens face art paper basically collect to be surface ability in medical industry does not do glue stuff, the requirement pressworks design clarity, character is concise, presswork to written language of service instruction sex especially have higher demand. Because medicines and chemical reagents is right safe, wholesome sex has very high demand, because this cannot have sizy excessive to give an appearance, lest bring about the dirt in air of adhere of itself of medicines and chemical reagents, this chooses sizy Tu Bu with respect to need the stuff of not dry glue with better adaptability of ability of more even, surface. Additional, because more pharmaceutical factory are used,stick label automatically, the data of not dry glue that so medical label uses tension extensively to extend intensity and model to cut the paper end the Gelaxin with better performance will satisfy relatively high-speed sticks mark automatically ask.
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