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Affix a form code, fruit is sweet wave the world
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September, fruit is sweet wave south the short for Weihe River of excessive, greeted malic big bumper harvest, also greeted 2008 ' Chinese apple annual meeting and Shaanxi apple section.

The apple is south short for Weihe River prepotent area, through 20 old development, malic gross area amounts to many mus 160, breed has Qin Guan, new red star, red Fuji to wait, formed with the Bai Shui, Pu Cheng, settleclear city, high grade apple that adds up to in relief, Fu Ping, Han Cheng to give priority to area, become the throughout the country's biggest green apple to produce base, throughout the country's biggest apple to condense juice to machine the fruit with base, complete the biggest province to store up base, especially with " Bai Shui card " the apple austral the short for Weihe River that the apple is a delegate has been approbated by the international market.

Association hand handle passes a technology

Reporter edge apple goes before prepotent belt. The orchard of Fan Yinping of the village in press down, one tree is cultivated " red star " apple, be like inlaid ruby, glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, evil spirit it is inviting.

The Fan Yinping that just came back from instructor of big Kong Xiang tells a reporter, the ground of 80% grew their village apple, can say every every Wu has an apple.

Since 1985, fan Yinping begins cultivated apple, he became place's famous apple expert from a layman, have those who take bus car to see study technically, also have ask him to go of instructor.

At the outset he those 13 mus of gardens, it is a village get on a exclusive, slowly radiation arrives whole village, countryside of high even in relief garrison post, large hole, slope head countryside 600 many mus 3000. After establishing malic association, his obligation grooms, demonstrative guidance, impart to change form, Jiang Lazhi, artful fertilization greatly to fruit grower, without social effects of pollution " 4 old techniques " .

Every model that the home has Fan Yinping crop every is cultivated. Zhang Jin money of 74 years old says with all sorts of feelings: "' red a knot in one's heart ' call everybody to make money Lie, call him ' Home Fan Zhuan ' , refuse to obey be no good! "

Bureau of trade of fruit of cattail city county produces a section chief Hu Minghua to say to the reporter: "Zhongshan village is applying for zoology demonstrative garden, execute unifinication of fruit cultivate billabong, build firedamp pool with the dung such as chicken, ox, pig namely, cultivate with billabong fluid gush next antiseptic, the ground on billabong broken bits, firedamp cooks, illume, this process needs 4 years already achievable. After successful transition, production value can increase 70, 100% . "

Form apple of the central Shaanxi plain distribution centre

Having " the countryside of Chinese apple " beautiful praise Bai Shui county, churchyard the four seasons is trenchant, landform shows northwest to tilt to southeast echelon, it is 5 big apples of countrywide in producing a division accord with an apple exclusively to produce optimum division the county of 7 index. White water person relies on this one advantaged geographical advantage, bearing the weight of 400 help advance somebody's career for years long history of the apple, so that somebody jape, do not eat white water apple to Shaanxi, as arriving Xi'an does not go like military forces tomb figure, can leave a regret.
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