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The revolution of counter edge: Of form code arisen
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In " orchid heart invents five moral character 59 years ago a form code " in one article, we speak of on earlier seventies supermarket needs the century apparently a form code, used universal code through talking things over, although the application of form code resolves their this one demand, but the problem is following one by one also, we talk about the thing that produces next below: Because it can wash out price tag,the supermarket likes a form to pile up is, managing labor cost. The person that the industry plans has not considered the client may be right it not show respect for. The food inflation rate of 70 time initial stage is very high. Abrupt, the shop asks the client buys the product that does not have price tag, even they believe the price won't be changed privately. Consumer greatly furious, and of the supermarket also should not act well to measure. A lot of supermarkets extend pencil, so that the client can copy the price on goods shelves,come down. This kind of practice did not let a client appease fury, legislative begins each city through law, requirement commodity must with price tag. As a result of this one problem the likelihood is in confederative one class is legislative, the supermarket surrenders finally and acceptance marks a price to commodity. At first, the use of form code is very little, 1976 " commercial weekly publication " go up, ever had published a problem to be " failed supermarket scanner " article. Experts ever had been forecasted formerly can have 1 to this moment, 000 shops use a scanner, but the facility that only 50 installed this kind of price not to poor. Till 80 time inchoate, the scanner just gets popular in the supermarket. " the revolution of counter edge: The be current of form code " (Revolution At The Checkout Counter: The Explosion Of The Bar Code) the author of one book Steven Braun (Stephen Brown) say, "What reverse a condition truly is not grocery line of business, however large market. Large market, especially Kaimate (Kmart) , be determined to use a form code, the impetus that forms from this also fails again check. " the supermarket is in the course on the code crosses a body benefit of setbacks square triumph, and drug-store also is not the industry that takes the lead in using a form to pile up, not be the 2nd person that use even. Industry of these railroad of honorary due to and general motors company (General Motors) , they are mixed in 60 time metaphase respectively 70 time are inchoate begin to use a form code. The advisory adviser of ESYNC John Hill (John Hill) from this trade pursues all the time since identifying a technology automatically to be born, he says, railroad branch was deployed in the whole nation 1, 200 scanners. Imprint on railroad railroad car write the stripe that can reflex scanner light, make check personnel to be able to know the railroad car place of a certain hour. This system once produced effect, but be abandoned finally, because stripe fades easily,basically be, make a form code be known to read hard. 1971, hill helped general motors install a form code system of 4 lines, use at dogging to rest closely Flint does not capture a city the gearing of car plant. Nevertheless, car line of business spent 10 years of time to just be able to establish organization of a collaboration, pile up a standard to reach with respect to a form that car manufacturer and supplier use consistent. Also come in at be being participated in at the beginning of 80 time federally, purchase for the government
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