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The code of bar code makes sort what have

One dimension bar code:
EAN 8 (2 Or 5 Digit Supplement)
EAN 13(2 Or 5 Digit Supplement)
Codabar (Monarch, NW-7, USD-4, 2 Of 7 Code)
Code 39 Standard
Code 39 Extended
Code 93 Standard
Code 93 Extended
Code 128
2/5 Datalogic, code25, 2 Of 5
Code 11 (USD-8)
Code25, 2 Of 5, ITF
Code25, 2/5 Matrix
Code25, 2/5 Industrial
Code25, 2/5 IATA
Code25, 2/5 INVERT
ITF6, ITF14 (SSC14) , ITF16
ISBN (International Standard Book Number)
ISSN (International Standard Serial Number)
ISMN (International Standard Music Number)
UPC-A (with Or Without Supplements)
UPC-E0 (with Or Without Supplements)
UPC-E1 (with Or Without Supplements)
PostNet (ZIP, ZIP 4, DPBC)
OPC (Optical Industry Association)

EAN code
EAN bar code is a kind of bar code that international article codes association is made, already used have at the whole world 90 many countries are mixed area, symbol of EAN bar code has a level edition and shorten edition two kinds, standard edition is by 13 digit the word is formed, shorten edition it is by 8 digit the word is formed, our country joined EAN organization 1991.
UPC code
With EAN bar code, UPC bar code also is a kind of bar code that is used at commodity, UPC bar code is a kind of bar code that by the United States uniform code committee drafts, basically use at the United States and area of give oneself airs. Our country some exit are the need that gets used to North America area to the commodity of North America area, also applied UPC bar code. UPC bar code has a level edition and shorten edition two kinds, standard edition is formed by 12 digit word, shorten of edition form by 8 digit word.
39 are a kind, the blame that all represents news for nothing is successive model make a yard, it can show A-Z of digital 0-9, letter and 8 control character (- , blank space, / , $ , , % , · , * ) wait for 44 character, basically use on the automation management of industry, books and bill.
Kudeba (Codebar) code:
Kudeba (Codebar) the code is a kind, the is not successive, alterable length, two-way self check bar code that all represents news for nothing, can show digital 0-9, letter A-D and special character (, , , $ , : , / , · ) . What basically be used at the domain such as information of medical treatment sanitation, books, goods and materials is automatic admit not.
25 bar code are one kind has a blame that represents news only successive model bar code, every character by 5 a composition, among them two wide, sa that narrow. With will express digital 0-9. If symbolic structure pursues 5:
Across 25:
Across 25 encode is admirable be the same as 25, the one part that just regards information as bar code and the interval between undertakes weaving be pilinged up one kind continuously.
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