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Equipment of beautiful water bar code / gun of bar code scanning / bar code read
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■ what is bar code?
Bar code is one kind replaces clavier to input number and abecedarian method to the middle of the computer.
It is OK that this one method requires scanning bar code only in inputting number and letter the computer directly, need not knock clavier.
Wide with narrow level of matched stack binary system and black the white part of width and a meantime (empty department) the matched stack of width (multistage is fastened) arrange like password waiting for an elephant, by read the machine that takes this one bar code (scanner) undertake unscrambling (decipher) , in convey and inputting the computer.

■ does bar code have He You power?
Because bar code in principle is passed,become, itself is nonexistent the elephant writes a script in that way the problem of horizontal discretion, and also won't undesirable book writes a habit, won't produce the case that handwritten character is read by accident in that way so.
And, because general bar code contains the desired result code that aims to prevent to be read by accident, so although because of smudgy and misshapen and read by accident, the data that reads by accident also won't input the computer in.
So, abominably says, although illiterate person (foreigner and children) also can read bar code in take and inputting the computer.
And, because can note the freeboard rate with the method incomparable place such as bill and price tag with manuscript (for example the electronic cash register of the supermarket can be amounted to 1 second 5000 times) read access to occupy, because this uses an eye to had looked first together, again key stroke inputs the methodological photograph in the computer than having great difference.

■ the specialty of the sort that identifies automatically and bar code
The elephant need not knock key stroke this kind dish, the method in inputting the computer quickly calls " identify automatically " .
Identify the cash card that includes to undertake discerning through magnetism, credit card, card that take a car automatically, and do not need a contact to be able to respond to electric wave to enquire " radio frequency gets stuck (RF-ID) " wait for all sorts of methods, among them, bar code can says is one kind can be printed in great quantities most economy, and accurate and reliable identify a method automatically.
Although include the 2 dimension code of mass data to wait very get people reception, but the limitation that because suffer patent access and relevant equipment to gain ground,waits for a problem, had not gained ground extensively.
As opposite as this, bar code appears earlier, patent is already open, relevant facility is complete, the operation is very handy also, and had become the world's global standards, can says is the most welcome identify a method automatically.
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