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Scanner of miniature bar code eliminates lab mistake
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The MS-3 miniature of Microscan company form code scanner assists a lab to eliminate the mistake in diagnostic process, pass automatic data input and groovy processing to control cost. MS-3 form code scanner is to be aimed at central lab to handle all sorts of bar code products plan, scanner of this bar code can scan a form code of a variety of types and different pattern. Function of its high speed ensures information of whole bar code needs one-time scanning to be able to be gotten only, realize the data integrality of 100% .

"The lab faces very great pressure, must reducing a mistake while, through shortening the time of test cycle simplifies analytic Cheng, " of Microscan embedded product manager horse Te Allan (Matt Allen) points out. "MS-3 form code scanner discharged manual data to type an operation, satisfy these requirement through groovy processing automation. In production efficiency is obtained rise while, the totle drilling cost that the lab experiments every time decreased, also cut a partial employee to pursue more complex job. The final result that the lab achieves is: The patient nurses get ameliorative, management cost also was reduced. Management cost also was reduced..

MS-3 of form code scanner only algorithm can be unscrambled not only petty, of damage or presswork unsharpness symbol, and in the field of bar code information that unscrambles a variety of types particularly outstanding. MS-3 form code scanner is had very exquisite exterior (area 4.5 square centimeter, 2.2 centimeters tall, underweight 2 ounce) . It can save lab space not only, still can install easily go up in automation equipment, make experiment process complete automation. Because used the data that can define oneself to output means and the interface that are based on Windows, user but easily bar code scanner compositive arrive in system of current lab and hospital information.

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