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The contribution that intelligence blocks: The Olympic Games is more wonderful b
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When close in August, beijing Olympic Games is writing down number to go to us for the unit with the hour. In this large-scale internationally the Beijing on grand meeting will cash " Olympic Games of science and technology " acceptance, on grand meeting of Olympic Games of this science and technology, the application of intelligent card technology unprecedented among them, particular system now 3 respects:

It is center of Olympic Games news block the IC that offers Plug and Play for people broadband online service, it is reported this is store IC card technical application receives a territory to the broadband first on Olympic Games history. Have a broadband convenient the user of card should insert card broadband of the type that insert card to receive terminal only, beardless any countersign attestation and setting can visit Internet; The function of media broadband card of media user will be more powerful, as a result of IC card is not restricted discharge, manuscript, picture and video can borrow this to be answered quickly pass release.

2 it is the Olympic Games that by silver of people bank head office, China couplet and Bank of China comprise pay an environment to build a working group, to Beijing, tianjin, the Olympic Games such as Qingdao is sponsorred with assist run a city brush card to paid an environment to undertake energetically improvement. Will go to the lavatory at the appointed time all athletes reach visiting personnel brush card to pay an activity.

3 it is to strengthen safety is on guard, olympic Games entrance ticket uses intelligence to block a form entirely, interior of abstruse meeting entrance ticket sets all Beijing Olympic Games and Beijing damage one grows wide the chip of 1 millimeter. Reached Olympic Games competition ground, these entrance ticket will accept the identifying of wireless radio frequency on check ticket machine. There is the serial number of global only in chip, a on corresponding check ticket machine " secret key " . The audience is attendant outside accept when installing check, get stuck like public transportation IC same, the audience needs to taking entrance ticket to be brushed on check ticket machine only, check ticket machine can identify inside 0.1 seconds the true bogus of entrance ticket.

The technical engineer of research and development of technology of entrance ticket of responsible Beijing Olympic Games says, the Olympic Games always shares many pieces of 1200 entrance ticket, the chip of each pieces of entrance ticket has the serial number of global only. Serial number can include a Chinese character beyond all character, combination also can choose randomly. Although somebody is fluky dope out serial number, but cannot capture absolutely " close spoon " difficulty. "Close spoon " resemble the key that is strong room, installation is in check ticket machine. As the user name of random generation and password, must both match ability to enter match place smoothly.

To avoid " close spoon " by illegal element breach, technical personnel gives each " close spoon " set visit frequency restriction. The entrance ticket that did not activation correctly inside fixed number will become invalid, after be just like ATM to take money machine to go up for many times to input wrong password by " swallow card " . In addition, BOCOG will use more advanced technology as far as possible in the entrance ticket process that make, choose the printing ink that prevent bogus when entrance ticket pressworks for instance. Because used advanced data, although entrance ticket is inadvertent by water wringing knead conglomerate form, also won't affect use.
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