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Enterprise of spin chemical fibber enables a form to pile up administrative syst
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The storehouse exercise of dispatch nowadays and inventory will control business company on September 22 exercise already very diversification, complication, it is very difficult already to rely on to remember place to go to manage artificially. If unwarrantable correct replenish onr's stock, check and accept, quality assures to reach deliver goods, can bring about wasteful time, generation inventory, delay in delivery, raise cost, as a result loses the chance that serves for the client.

To the problem of above, enterprise of chemical fibber of grand of lukewarm city prosperous passes the installation of a month to debug, bar code technology will be used August, be united in wedlock with information processing technology, ensure the accuracy of stocks, harmonious and as the shift of the stock in assuring necessary inventory level and storehouse, consistent as replenish onr's stock, those who assure a product is best flow into, save and pour out of storehouse. This covers the installation of equipment, made a steps leading up to a house boards again on management of interior of prosperous grand enterprise.

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