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The market of label of not dry glue with infinite business chance
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Current, label of not dry glue grows every year with the speed of 20% in China, but our country average per capita does not do glue year dosage is 0.5-0.6 square metre only, compare Euramerican area average per capita year of dosage of ten square metre, market of not dry glue still has very large development space. Each industry uses the scale that uses label of not dry glue to increase ceaselessly now.

Food and beverage industry: Label of not dry on foreign high-grade product glue already was accepted extensively and use, be like love fragrance food, Ji Baili to wait, in beer industry 100 power, Jiashibai, use label of not dry glue. As the concept that pack introduce further, more food beverage industries also can consider country use label of not dry glue, its growth potential is great.

Day changes an industry: Change as the times, shampoo toilet soap derives all sorts of shampoo, bathing soap derives all sorts of bath dew, still have clean side additionally breast, wash one's hands fluid, wash clothes fluid, complaisant agent, kitchen, the clear field of the bathroom derives crock of clean lavatory fluid, bath to clean an agent to wait again. A variety of evolving that appeared the product with richer more and the form that pack, the use nature of label increases substantially. Current, the whole nation has many 4000 day to turn a company, of the product pack and the exterior sells immediate impact to its, the flexibility of label of not dry glue suits elegant presswork, can achieve the result that attracts eyeball, exceed traditional screen printing far. Visible, day changes an industry to develop quickly, label of not dry glue complies with tide to develop quickly also.

Medical industry: The development that learns science and technology as the growth of consciousness of people health health care, cure, country is right the normative politics of medical industry, make medical trade more normative to packing. Because a variety of defect will be not done,the wet glue previously sticks label glue label place is replaced, and absolutely advantage is had in medical industry. Label of not dry glue is occupied in industry of North America medicine 89% , chinese trend also will such.

Supermarket content flows: As a result of home each are big the supermarket rises abruptly quickly, the supermarket is right the demand of heat quick paper will decrease only do not add. In addition, the control that did not come to an enterprise to take content seriously to spread cost more will borrow experience cost, improve efficiency, will control manufacturing management, inventory management, quality trace to wait with bar code label. If heat quick paper, heat turns,the alterable information that so supermarket content uses in popular cause prints label imprint label is met by wider application.  

Electronic industry: Chinese electron industry is growing every year at full speed, of electric home appliances
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