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Bar code application brings content to shed the harmony of enterprise and iforma
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Bar code technology is the most powerful tool that content shedding dogs automatically, be applied extensively inside global limits. Because bar code technology is had,make simple, information gather speed fast, accuracy rate tall, information content big, cost is low go to the lavatory to be used easily with bar code equipment wait for an advantage, arrive from production so in the current move process of the sale, accurate identifying arrived since bar code technology goods news and dog quickly the main effect of article course, it is the base that whole thing spreads information management to work.
Content shedding manages medium data to collect
The demand that collects to data in content shedding management is very high, involve every link that sorts to content almost.
The demand as a result of market diversity and the client order of many batch, little batch make product line impossible to produce the product of a kind of norms only, and the product that the productivity that should develop product line adequately will come to to produce different specifications and configuration. Product line is versed in every on makings area is put full raw material and fittings (different supplier offers) , manufacturing worker use bar code is wireless data collects terminal (say to hold terminal below) hind, made sure manufacturing worker plans according to production, the different product that at different time Duan Sheng produces assembles link to have data logging in each treatment, affirm with this overall the corresponding relation of number and each component number, in order to recover the supplier responsibility when discovery produces character to measure an issue and data check.
In storehouse, article is frequent discrepancy storehouse, fast answer (QR -- Quick Response) makes exercise crisscross is delivered, library capacity optimizes the storehouse to also ask of article reasonable put. So giant information content makes the operation of warehouse personnel must accord with flow standard, also must use hold terminal to finish accurate, seasonable, interactive operation.
In carriage process, bar code technique is very main also. Carry the concept in content shedding to cannot understand those who be a product service client to be in merely road process, understand however in be to shed a loop from the thing that begins end wanting end for end, the move of the material that each link produces to next segment, information, want to have data logging. Arrive from material library like stock product line, library canal personnel wants scanning to record director of stock information, production to also want scanning record; Stock arrives from product line labour, manufacturing director wants worker of scanning record, production to also want scanning record; Include to leave product line, into manufactured goods library, shed a state to want scanning record to shopkeeper and the content that reach consumer finally, make business other people sheds as uniform from beginning to end as iformation flow flow, obtain a business the purpose of resource of online government control.
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