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Shrimp crab affixes a form code, walk along the world to not be afraid of
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Zhan Jiang shrimp will have " Id " ! Recently, province ocean and river of Li Zhu of piscatorial bureau director reach terminal market of glow landscape product, how to build aquatic product to trace to the source the system undertakes survey.

Li Zhu river says, our country is carrying out farming sea product to trace to the source in the round at present label system, want to wrap mount to make clear product source source in the product, "Shrimp is exported to treatment from shrimp pond, the link of experience is more, how to just indicate effectively producing area? How is joint strip form piled up? In which does link begin to hang stick? I want to hear your opinion. " one's voice in speech of Li Zhu river falls, personnel attending the meeting expresses his opinion in succession. "I think to should grab from the farm, be about to affix a form code in the farm. " " exit shrimp seizes good processing factory even this one annulus. " " I feel the code should purchase a form accordingly business goes, different link has a different form yard. " ... the opinion that heard everybody, what Li Zhu river asks terminal market of glow landscape product makes this field at once is pilot, the aquatic product that lets go out from the market can undertake tracing to the source through specific label.

Pang Ahai of manager of terminal market of glow landscape product expresses, giving producing area to prove is product Id, this system is helpful for raising the additional cost of aquatic product, be helpful for the brand of shrimp of start shooting Zhan Jiang. They realize this early and already began relevant work stage by stage. "This approves shrimp to come from where, which agent is acting as agent, sold which distributor to wait a moment, the center has the settle accounts of our market to be registered in detail, get online to check the country of origin that can check it. " he expresses at the same time, after accepting pilot job, they will wait for concerned branch with ocean of Zhan Jiang city and piscatorial bureau, be perfected as soon as possible and carry out country of origin to prove a system.

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