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Bar code handles case
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Bar code technology sheds the reason that the knot left to indissoluble with content since the first day when be born. Bar code technology resembles a bond, be together the information connection that each phase produces in product lifetime, can dog the product arrives from production the whole process of the sale. Bar code sheds the application in the system in content, basically be in the following respects:

(System of automation of 1) product line
Modern big production increasingly computerization and informatization, automation level rises ceaselessly, system of product line automation should run normally, the application of bar code technology is become indispensable. Because contemporary product function is increasingly advanced, the structure is increasingly complex, component amount and sort are numerous, economy of traditional artificial operation both neither is impossible also. Exemple if a car wants by by tens of thousands component is assembled and become, different type, design, the breed of needs component and amount are different also, and the car of different type, design often should be in same jacket distributes a product line, if use bar code technology to have online control to each component, can prevent accident, improve efficiency, ensure production goes on wheels. Cost of technology of use bar code is low, need to endow with a code to entering the goods of product line first only, installation is passed to read equipment at the bar code knowledge of product line in producing a course, get content to spread information, dog at any time thereby the circumstance that on product line each content sheds, form the electronic workshop with automation high rate.

(2) information system (POS system)
The field with most at present wide application of bar code technology is commercial automation management, build system of commercial POS(point Of Sale) namely, use cash cash register to connect as terminal and host computer, have the aid of reads equipment to type the bar code symbol on commodity for the computer at knowing, the computer from the goods news of correspondence of automatic look up in the database, show commodity name, price, amount, total amount, feedback drives a receipt to cash cash register, complete settle accounts process well and truly, save a client to buy settle accounts time thereby, more important is it makes retail kind happened commodity to change tremendously, by close traditionally bar type sale turns into open-shelf is free sale, facilitated greatly the computer when the client purchases commodity; to be the same as still can is opposite according to circumstance of purchase and sale the amount of of all kinds commodity on goods shelves, inventory undertakes handling, put forward in time, annul, put, the information that retreat, master prices of purchase and sale and market trends in time for the businessman, enhance competition ability, increase economic benefits; to be able to in time understand product sale status to goods manufacturer, adjust manufacturing plan in time, production is saleable the commodity of satisfy the need.
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