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What calls inn the internal code?
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Some commodity, for example fresh pork, fruit, vegetable, cheese, ripe food is sell with random weight. The encode task of these commodity shoulds not be commonly assume by the generator of commodity, finish by shopkeeper however. After shopkeeper replenish onr's stock, undertake packing to commodity, say to weigh to commodity with special device and code automatically and make bar code, next bar code stickup or pensile mount is wrapped in commodity. This kind of special device depends on encode method, so equipment manufacturer needs fibrous root produces equipment according to the agreement that signs with shopkeeper. The product code that shopkeeper writes, the automation that can be used at shop interior only runs a system, because this is called " inn internal code " .
Some shopkeeper manage to implement the automation of the shop, the commodity that must code by manufacturer to this answering has code, although such product code also can be called " inn internal code " , but the original meaning that already exceeded inn internal code. This kind " inn internal code " length should be chosen in the product code length from convention, for example 13, 8 or 12. Express " inn internal code " bar code also should press convention presswork the method is printed.

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