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Bar code prints quality problem and processing technique
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Supervise and safeguard printer, fixed cleanness and change essential part is the optimal way that assures the quality that print and function stability. The head that print is the most crucial safeguard and change component. Be used incorrectly or defend the head that print, the immediate cause that is problem of the great majority quality that print because. Accordingly, how does understanding discover function of the head that print gives the signal of the problem as early as possible, can avoid or most problem is corrected easily.

Form code is too shallow (not quite black)
If code of black vitta form is printed too shallowly, cannot form enough contrast with light color area. This will immediate impact reads access to occupy to scanning equipment.

A few kinds of potential factors are brought about print not quite black
* prints a pressure disequilibrium that brings to bear on to material or inadequacy. Remedying measure is the pressure that adjusts the head that print.
* is hot quick label material or heat turn imprint the temperature of fused ribbon in printing is not quite high. Heat setting is adjustable, should adjust the contrast to generation ideal.

When heat setting is exorbitant, meeting occurrence blacker-than-black, make a form code thickening, also call a form code hyperplasia. Will bring about a form code to not agree with add up to norms to ask, what need because of irretentive place is wide / narrow than, the likelihood becomes cannot read take. Reduce heat setting to be able to correct blacker-than-black phenomenon normally.

Appear redundant diagonal:
Appear redundant diagonal or white stripe are ribbon install or go send incorrect signal. The ribbon when the examination looks should be smooth. Ensure label material is by correctly installation inside lead limits, and flowing and even ground sends into printer.

Stain or space appear in design:
Normally the dirt on the head that print, corrode is nodded or defect can create stain and void. Defect hampers heat is transferred, bring about label to go up occurrence scotoma. Dirt or corrode dot also can be prevented or the change heats up the transmission direction of quantity or ribbon, cause appear make a space that form code cannot be read to take or stain. Fixed cleanness can prevent dirt and corrode place, but if have defect criterion,need changes the head that print.

One has the ribbon that knits to fold to also can bring about occurrence stripe or scotoma when print:
* ribbon may be brought about not quite closely knit to fold, but ribbon taut.
* if ribbon wrinkles continuously to fold, the likelihood needs to lower the rate that print.
Other the element has the possibility that brings about occurrence stain or space: Coating of medium end face undeserved or have other drawback. The medium with try out new hank, see a problem whether still exist.
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