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Graphic a form code is wireless the scanner designs a principle
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Summary: The article introduced a kind of project design of system of hardware of scanner of practical bar code. This scanner can scan quickly one dimension or 2 dimension bar code, still have this locality to show at the same time, memory information, have the function such as wireless communication external.

Keyword: Form code; Wireless transmit; MPSD3254BV is odd a machine
In current industry society to information society, in be versed in already aid develops a process to intellectual economy, identify a technology automatically to producing mainer and mainer effect. Identify in need article, data scanning, the business domain that information lands, use identify a technology automatically, can rise to have administrative efficiency and reliability to article and pertinent information. Scanner of bar code data is this design just about.

This wireless scanner with sheet piece machine MPSD3254BV is core, can scan through scanning subsystem one dimension or 2 dimension model code, clavier goes to the lavatory with indication system the user has man-machine communication, the data that wireless and deferent module can collect the spot delivers other equipment, at the same time this scanner also can store information of on 10 thousand data, whole system uses lithium battery power supply, can work 40 hours continuously, should collect data when unusual position, the system will be automatic bee cries, vibration reminds an user. If construction of system pursues 1 if show.

Graph block diagram of 1 construction of system
Hardware design

Main control chip of the system chooses SoC sheet piece machine MPSD3254BV. MPSD3200 is odd a machine it is ST company 51 kernels and PSD(but parts of an apparatus of process designing system) the SoC chip of a pattern that module sets together. It is compositive in a chip the kernel of 8052, expanded I/O port PA~PD, increased the functional component such as I2C, USB, PWM, ADC and 2 UART interface, still increased PLD(but parts of an apparatus of process designing logic) function; At the same time piece inside the FLASH that includes two high capacity memory piece and SRAM memory, can configure its amount to to occupy memory according to real need or program memory will use.

Power source module

Power source module divides composition by two, the lithium battery of 1AH and MAX604 of chip of power source stabilized voltage. MAX604 chip is manostat of linear of a kind of low-pressure difference, low power comsumption, with the stability that will assure systematic work voltage. The lithium battery addition as use time, n will be reduced gradually, cannot make sure the system stabilizes the job effectively. Because this adds a MAX604 in lithium battery back end, voltage is stable from beginning to end in 3.3V.
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