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Graphic bar code lays principle of the engine work that print
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Heat quick is printed turn with heat imprintIt is two kinds of of bar code printer methods that print. Every kinds of method uses heat quick to print a head to heat to printing the surface.
Heat turns imprinting is through heating ribbon, a durable, abiding design is printed on a variety of material.
Heat quick is printed do not use ribbon, print design on label material directly however.
To inquiry of your supplier or printer manufacturer, ensure used proper medium combination, perhaps demand the option detailed list of approval. Some users for be economical, try to be on Internet or cheap distributors place buys the cheapest medium. This kind of practice perhaps can save finite cost, but often bring about taller total expenditure, because inferior material may lower the service life of the head that print, be in rated when tagging application, because label has,read blemish of quality extraction a sex, bring about amerce or reparations of break a contact thereby.
Heat quick is printedWithHeat turns imprintIt is first-rate form code prints a technology, because they are OK handy on a variety of stickiness label material applying, print an accurate, high quality design with outstanding brim definition. Every kinds of technology can be mixed with the same definition that print speed, produce one dimension, planar to contain a form of design and text font to pile up a symbol.
The following part will help you understand the distinction between all sorts of technologies, and if where,the choice in application prints a method applicably.

The heat that heat quick prints use course chemistry to handle quick medium, when medium from heat quick when be being passed below the head that print, blacken. Heat quick printer does not use white of printing ink, black or ribbon. Simple design makes heat quick printer fast and use easily. Because do not have ribbon, the operation expenses specific heat of heat quick printer turns imprint printer is low.
The design on heat quick medium can follow the elapse of time and fade. If label is excessive expose fall in hot, light or other activator, material will pale, make a form code cannot be read to take. Of heat quick label readable those who take a gender to follow use condition is different and change is very big, but this technology is rated tag what pile up with form of a lot of other general cleaning rod to printed application to provide enough service life. For example, the center is sold to put store in cent after 6 months, directly heat quick label still can be read easily to take by scanning.
Heat turns imprint

Turn in heat imprint in printing, heat quick prints a head to heat to ribbon, printing ink is fused go up in label material in order to form design. Ribbon material is absorbed by medium, design made the one part of label. This technology was offerred other by need type to print a technology cannot the design quality of compare and wear.
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