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Bar code prints the cleanness of the head to maintain
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The cleanness of the head that print

1. Shut printer power source.
2. Open printer case, raise the head that print.
3. If printer works to turn at heat moulage type, need moves go ribbon, show the head that print.
4. Wipe the head that print gently with the tampon that contains anhydrous alcohol, the dirt above take out, contamination.
5. After waiting for alcohol to volatilize, printer can reuse.
Attention: In the process that clean, be sure to keep in mind not to want scratch to print a head!

Maintain regularly

Printer maintains cleanness of the head that print in use process, ability assures to print quality, prolong life of the head that print. Want to clean the head that print, rubber roll, carbon to carry sensor with alcohol when label of every the hank that print. Changing power supply of printer, computer should involve first when the cabled yarn that print, join again cabled yarn. Note: Does Qiu achieve Qi ⊥ to return  of brighting imperial mandate of fertilizer of ⊥ of Qi of  of entangled of small cup of Tuo of skirt of benevolence money  standing tall and upright to exemplary Li of the  that take an examination of  people does the cough such as Guang ㄒ kill   Qiu to stand tall and upright?

Is the image that print unsharpness how to do?
When in printing a process, discovering image is unsharpness, because,the likelihood is the following reason:
A. Used inferior ribbon or ribbon to expire invalidation, reinstall the ribbon with better performance please.
B. Used the tagboard with bad quality, reduced ribbon greatly turn imprint ability, change please the tagboard with better performance checks.
C. Temperature setting is inferior, of ribbon talk to ever failed to turn completely imprint, increase temperature to be installed afresh please
D. The head that print dirty or the malposition that its install truly, be cleaned with alcohol and tampon please or undertake be adjustmented appropriately to printing the installation position of the head

How to check the quality of the head that print
After the head that print used period of time, need to checked the head that print to whether wear away or be burned out in use process sometimes, can print out check label to undertake judging at this moment. If there is the streak of perpendicular shape in the latticedot matrix image on self check label and did not stick on the head that print on drossy, so often explain the head that print has damaged. It is with PRODIGY MAX exemple, the process of its self check is as follows:
Shut printer power source, installation good tagboard, ribbon, press " FEED " check opens power source next, should press right now " FEED " key is not put, till bar code printer walks out of label to just loosen, right now printer will print a test label.
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