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Bar code uses basic composition of the system
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1. Data source indicates the glossary of symbols of an external object closes, it is the basis that mirrors external object savagery, its accuracy is affecting processing result of the system directly, accordingly, complete data source is the foundation of decision-making system;
2. Bar code knowledge is read implement the data that is system of bar code application gathers facility, take a data cause that stopwatch shows well and truly quickly, convey its to be handled to the computer;
3. The memory of the data of system of computer formula bar code and processing equipment;
4. Application software is in the function in bar code system: A) defines database B) to manage a database to C) is built and safeguard communication of database D) data;
5. Information output is the information that after handling data course, gets output with the means such as file, form, graph, the person that need for place is used.

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