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Why should use bar code printer? With the comparison of common printer
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The printer that average person place knows is the needle is hit normally, ink jet and laser are printed, but you may not notice, in our surroundings, almost all commodity has use heat to turn imprint technical place prints the label that come out, e.g. , for example opens mobile phone case, interior can see the label that contains bar code thickly, the head has the wheat of case of general and senior package to turn in order to heat up imprint print the paster of designation of a piece of product that come out, also contain bar code normally. Additional, when buying clothing, the tag on dress also has normally use heat to turn imprint the means that print pressworks, the train ticket that buys in the railway station, boarding check, luggage claim tag is waited a moment, also be to apply heat to turn imprinted technical place is printed, especially almost backside of all electric equipment product, a few use heat to turn imprint the indicative label that the technology prints, have like notebook computer more than a piece sundry the label that prints with this kind of means that print.
Why should use heat to turn imprint print, does heat turn is imprinting how arise?
Because have a lot of ticket, it must ask can long-term and trial of time of able to bear, changeless model, the character must be saved for a long time, cannot fade, cannot wear away because of osculatory dissolvent, because temperature is out of shape higher,cannot become angry etc, the printing medium that is necessary to use a kind of special talent to pledge then reachs the material that print to assure these character, general ink jet prints a technology to cannot be achieved, laser is printed also cannot reach, and the effect that the needle plays and original design also cannot accord with a requirement, had heat to turn then imprint technical occurrence. Heat turns imprint technology, say simply, use special carbon to take namely, print the working principle of the head through similar electrograph, carbon the carbolic pink coating on the belt passes heating kind, turn imprint to paper or other and phyletic material to go up character, because carbon takes the coating material on to be able to choose according to need, produce stronger adherent power, add the option of the medium that print, can assure to print the handwriting that come out not to get more the influence of the outside. And this heating process, how to heat, can give computer will control, because had left,deliver all sorts of software that use the label that print technically at present, so, to using person for, can saying is exceedingly convenient, especially general label should generate bar code, the generation of bar code symbol also became the necessary tool of this kind of software accordingly.
General printer is designed, be designed normally in the light of A4 paper size, some people print label to be above such paper, must order technically additionally, very wasteful, and, to the factory, occasionally must the amount of a hour that print reachs the thousands of pieces capacity that print, the printer on these existing market cannot be finished, then, the design can be aimed at small-sized paper one kind, the printer emerge as the times require that can print quickly continuously. Go up with the market for common ARGOX printer, minutely can print achieve 10 meters length, a piece of label if 2 centimeter are tall, be equal to a minute to be able to print 500 pieces. Appropriative label printer is more than and such, it still is aimed at plant need, can combine scanning gun or clavier, with respect to OK and independent operation, do not need a personal computer to be able to be operated certainly, like be just like present photograph printer, can read directly take a material, need not depend on computer again, the additional investment of leave out factory.
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