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Do not do the classification of glue label
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Label material can divide roughly character it is the following kinds:
Art paper series
Gao Guang: Paper of lens face copperplate, smooth pink.
Half tall light: Art paper.
Inferior machine-glazed paper: Hectograph paper.

Synthesize material label
PET (get together fat)
PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
BOPP (polypropylene)
PE (polyethylene)
PS (get together third ethylene)
POLYIMIDE (get together mill ethylene amine)
Metallization PET basically has laser rainbow film, the film that pull silk, aureate (Gao Guang, inferior smooth) argent (Gao Guang, inferior smooth) .
Cloth of dress tag, bath
Special material (tagboard of brittle paper, special coating)
Mark a price paper

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