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China bar code management to achieve standardization of information publicatio
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General Administration of Press and Publication Center publications barcode bar code film production equipment donated China Printing Museum, which marks the country into the information management publication, bar code, standardized track. Press news agency quoted Chinese newspaper reported Jan. 18 that the January 15, Press and Publication Administration Center publications barcode bar code film production equipment donation ceremony held at the China Printing Museum. This marks the publishing industry in China for 15 years the production of publications, bar code film, artificial mailing payment history, bar code management into national publications, information technology, standardization, standardization track. Press and Publication Administration leaders of relevant departments Liu Jianguo, Sun Ming, Li Lu, Chen Yaming opened for the donation of equipment. According to director of Press and Publication Administration homogeneous phase tong bar code introduced since 1994, requires that all use of Press and Publication Administration of China Standard Book Number (ISBN) and International Serial Number (ISSN) of the publications are using the bar code identification. The work has been taken are: the Department's Center for Unified Barcode bar code film production, artificial mail distribution, film, publishing units have bar codes and then design, production, and then printed publications. As of September 2009, Press and Publication Administration Centre had made payment of bar code barcode 2,531,259, of which 2,182,369 books a bar code, barcode 103,087 a journal, audio and video products, electronic publications, 245,803 a bar code. In recent years, Press and Publication Administration to actively promote the ISBN and bar code management reform, and achieved remarkable results. Now, through computer processing, as long as the input data, you can generate different types of publications barcode graphics file, in accordance with the publishing units of the recipient address, and immediately sent in the past. Electronic document publishing format, receiving a barcode graphics file, you can use depending on the direct use, both for traditional printing can also be used for fast digital printing; both can be used in publications, but also can be used for library subscriptions advertising. No need to be hollowed out and then fill the white film simplifies the publishing and designing work procedures to reduce the working part, while saving time and operating costs. China Publishing Science Research Institute, China Printing Museum Hao Zhensheng in his speech pointed out that although this publication, the use of bar code equipment, the value of film production is over, but its historical value, cultural value is eternal. China Printing Museum, the equipment should protect, and display good, give full play to its historical value, cultural value. Press and Publication Administration Su Jianzhong, deputy director of bar code read out the Press and Publication Administration and Finance, "Center on the Press and Publication General Administration of bar code equipment donated to the China Printing Museum's approval." Ceremony by the Chinese Institute of Publishing Science Yushan Wei, deputy director of the host.
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