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The hot move of label prints a technology
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The hot move of label is printed, the development that the progress of science and technology promoted print, what produce quality quantity and personalized demand to pressworking as people is ceaseless rise, traditional big batch pressworks to already cannot satisfy the need of the market completely. Press in digitlization need to presswork to begin to move toward the market stage by stage while, with by need to presswork the heat that has same personalized characteristic turns imprint technology also more get people love, because it is OK the need according to the individual, color graph article pressworks to be tasted to such as paper, textile, pottery and porcelain, plastic, metal, tagboard bear imprint on content, the method is simple, fare is low, individuation is strong, led move to presswork thereby new trend.
The hot move that what is label pressworks
Presswork in label on, move pressworks even if physics of have the aid of, chemical method will presswork design and colour move presswork bear imprint on content, this kind pressworks the applied characteristic of the product reachs use method and convention to presswork the place that has a lot of differring. Common label move pressworks have brush press move to presswork, invert feeling pressing move pressworks, water move pressworks and hot move pressworks a few kinds.
Heating up move to presswork is the specialty printing of a kind of indirect move, it is to use special move to presswork paper or move presswork film imprints first on design, transfer again next presswork bear imprint on content, multi-purpose presswork at decalcomania of pottery and porcelain, textile, commodity label pressworks etc.
Heat turns imprinted main characteristic is to turn imprint image is colourful, administrative levels is rich, heat turns imprinting is make below high temperature heat turns sublimate of be heated of stamp-pad ink Chinese ink, after that infiltration object surface, colour is formed to shine namely after sublimate beautiful image. So, heat turns imprint product wear well, image won't fall off, chap and fade. Label of hot move black-and-white can long-term and withstand time trial, changeless model, the character can be saved for a long time, do not fade, because contact solvent,won't wear away to because temperature is higher,also won't be out of shape become angry.
Heat turns imprint applied range is very wide, presswork to the handicraft surface such as pottery and porcelain, metal, glass from fabric printing, not all sorts of label, bar code, dry glue pressworks, presswork in label especially respect, get flying development in recent years.
The hot move of label is printed
The hot move of label is printed should machine through pressworking twice commonly, above all raw material pressworks by ticket machine, the model is cut, the platoon is abandoned and answer roll, be in into the label that coil next a form code print on printer, its principle is to pass the printing head after heating to be the same as ribbon contact, support quantity of heat and the printing ink move that contact pressure to get on ribbon come to label material. Say simply, heat turns imprint print even if bring printing ink medium to turn from carbon with heat and pressure the process that imprints to paper or film, the printing head that carries printer when label and when pressing an axis, turn printing ink imprint to label.
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