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Data is collected implement working principle and use method
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Designs for link of flow of goods data is collected implement (one Code Hand Terminal) of Bar or weigh palmtop computer, its have sex of an organic whole, maneuverability, volume small, weight is light, high-powered, comfortable wait for a characteristic at holding. It is device of bar code scanning and data terminal unifinication, contain the terminal computer facility that batteries can operate from the line.
It has central processor (CPU) , read-only memory (ROM) , readable keep memory (monitor of RAM) , clavier, screen, with computer interface. Bar code scanner, the configuration such as power source, hold terminal to be able to carry news report be used at receiving or upload data repeatedly with computer photograph, the moving order that holds terminal is the download after be being woven by the computer in running terminal in one's hand, can fulfil corresponding function by use requirement.
Data is collected implement can use at complement to order goods, receive order goods, sale, shed the respect such as management into delivery of cargo from storage, check and inventory management and content.
Current, home's commonly used data is collected implement the LK-PT921 of company of the PDT3100 that has American Symbol company, home, the price goes to 20 thousand yuan more than 10000 yuan. Data is collected implement solved commodity effectively to be in be on the move the problem that the label of the data in the process and amount acknowledge, it is to make sure systematic information is fast, accurate the significant step that has handling, because the value of equipment is relative taller, commodity has not achieved all and universal bar code to change, data is collected implement popularity rate is inferior still, still remain at ceaseless promotion.

2, data is collected implement program function
Data is collected implement operating sequence has an authorized strength according to real need, must the convenience that mature operation uses a process, agile with versatility.
Data is collected implement general function
Data is collected implement should have data to collect, deferent, data deletes data to wait for a function with systematic government.
Data is collected
It is the bar code commodity is read in through scanning device, have the process that affirm or types through clavier directly to the amount of commodity, collect in data implement store with text data format in memory, the format is bar code (C20) , amount (N4) .
Data is deferent
The download that number occupies according to deferent function know exactly about sth and upload.
Data download is to will need data to collect implement the goods news that has affirming conveys to be collected to data from inside the computer implement in, collect through data implement with the communication interface between the computer, the data that runs equipment manufacturer place to offer in the corresponding function of computer management system is deferent program, deferent content can include: Commodity bar code, name and amount. The download of data can be collected in data conveniently when, show the commodity name that reads in bar code currently and the amount that need to affirm.
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