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A few kinds of bar code label make way
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Accurate, efficient the foundation that collecting data is a program of good automation information government. If these data basically come from bar code label, that must decide to choose why to be planted of label print means, it is to be printed beforehand, or the spot is printed, namely, be to buy the label that has had been printed or printed or oneself to print label?

In identifying industry automatically, we but will " make and buy " choice, say to do " the spot and blame spot " choice.

1, be not the spot to presswork bar code

If do not have fluctuant data, and enough time is purchased to the supplier, production measures bar code symbol group by group most economic method is to presswork please the factory is printed. All standard commerce print a method, if gravure of hectograph, cycle and balata edition cycle presswork, can presswork high grade bar code.

2, the spot bar code that print

If data is fluctuant, and need is produced as soon as possible, or the demand of every kinds of bar code is not big, had better be the spot is printed.

The main problem here is the preparative time that can use (LeadTime) , namely from get bar code data needs to imprint to you this time that gives bar code mark.

Whether do you need 9 kinds of same label to waiting for the goods of shipment to use now? This is a kind " instant " application, below this kind of circumstance, had better be the hour in need pressworks bar code. Can use deliver goods printer of label of instant bar code is printed.

Whether do you need to offer the ticket that will produce bar code of used 5000 day shift tomorrow? These label can are in by administrator of a certain production today or print with batch label printer tonight, offer production in time with.

3, the system of label of spot bar code that print

The spot is printed can presswork distinctive label, when Zai Yougang pressworks fortunately above it, get " real time " information. Label of spot bar code prints a system to be comprised by 4 parts. They are printer, information input, supply taste and label format. No matter your system that print is to use the method that makes bar code number directly in article itself or bag mount face, still use the method that goes up label post subsequently, will make bar code symbol and person can know read news, these 4 component need.

4, choose to print a technology

Of bar code label presswork the technology is very much, when basically printing a technology to be in those who choose bar code label, want to consider the following issues:

(1) imprint quantity: Minutely, every, everyday, every stage or switch on the mobile phone every time need imprints a how many label.

(2) flexibility: The machine is specific to what what need presswork formal suiting ability how.

(3) resolution: The density of bar code and presswork quality whether the applied requirement that accords with you.

(4) cost: Which kinds of machine can satisfy your applied requirement with lowermost cost.
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