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Do not do the composition of glue label material and classification
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Label of not dry glue also makes stick label oneself, stick in time, stick immediately, press quick paper to wait, be with paper, film or special type material are fabrics, rear besmear has adhesive, in order to besmear silicon protection paper is a kind of composite material of copy paper, and via pressworking, the model is cut finished product label is made after waiting for treatment. Need to come off from copy paper only when application, press gently, can stick the surface of all sorts of base material, also can use the machine that stick label to stick label automatically on product line.

Stuff of not dry glue divides composition by 7:

1, exterior coating

The face that is used at changing face capable person is characteristic. If improve exterior pulling force, change color, increase covering layer to wait, make its are accepted better printing ink and print easily, achieve prevent smudgy, increase printing ink agglutinate force and prevent to presswork the purpose that graph article sheds. The surface besmears cloth basically is used at be not absorbency material, be like aluminum foil, plating aluminous paper and of all kinds and filmy material.

2, surface ability

Namely exterior material, it is the front is accepted presswork graph article, the reverse side accepts adhesive and use the data that is gotten on by stickup content finally.
Generally speaking, always but flexible the fabrics that metabolic material can regard not dry glue as material, be like commonly used paper, filmy, compound foil, of all kinds textile, thin sheet metal and balata kind wait. The sort of surface ability depends on apply finally and presswork treatment craft. Surface ability wants to be able to suit to presswork and be printed, have a good Chinese ink sex, enough strength can accept all sorts of treatment, if the model is cut, the platoon is useless, straight-cut, stiletto and stick mark to wait.

3, besmear is rock-bottom

Its like be the same as exterior coating, just be Tu Bu the reverse side in surface ability, besmear rock-bottom main purpose is:
(1) protective surface ability, prevent adhesive to permeate.
(2) those who increase fabrics is not pervious to light quality;
(3) increase adhesive to be the same as the felt force between surface ability;
(4) in preventing the plasticizer in plastic surface ability to permeate adhesive, affect its adhesive performance, the felt strength that causes label is reduced, label falls off.

4, adhesive
Adhesive is the agency between label material and felt base material, have concatenate effect. By its character can be divided for permanent and can move except the gender two kinds. It has a variety of recipes, suit different face capable person and different situation. Adhesive is the most important part in technology of stuff of not dry glue, it is the key of label application technology.

5, from model Tu Bu (Tu Gui layer) be in namely layer of silicone oil of Tu Bu of copy paper surface, besmear cloth silicone oil can make copy paper becomes exterior pulling force very low, very slick surface, action is to prevent adhesive felt to be on copy paper.
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