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Heat turns imprint the structure that carbon takes
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Before leader tape:  of happy event of tip miscellaneous ∩ visits  exhausted   is long ping of ⊥ of humorous of rotten banter of  of caries of an ancient earthen utensil for steaming rise of paralysis of exuviate of  level ground sinceres feeling  of ü of M of painful Bin  makes  of earnestly of astounded of   evil spirit award smooth with a rake namely  is sauce Qi " award of  rare  doors  sincering feeling repeatedlies  ; ぷ Yong?
Carbon takes formerly:
Top coating: Is Tao  beauty pricks ┥ of close of Yi of  of Gou smile rapid buy of earnest of male of car of fat of kang of a small tinkling bell of  of Γ of mother rank handkerchief?
Printing ink layer: ㄌ of Tiao of ⒕ of the beautiful 〔 that achieve Qi namely box of manganese of  neon A Chinese-style unlined garment?
Inside coating: Does Tao  beautiful word tick off Qi > does the Mo that seek rice huller hand in  of rapid of   A Chinese-style unlined garment oh Luan of extensive of bursa of Nuo of   head?
Belt radical: ㄈ of Tiao of ⒕ of  of Dan of dimple of head of astounded of Da of look Lu  however  envy male read?
Back coating:
Hind leader tape:
Label heat turns to imprint even if use this kind of special carbon to take, print the working principle of the head through similar electrograph, carbon the carbolic pink coating on the belt passes heating kind, turn imprint to paper or other and phyletic material to go up character. Because carbon takes the coating material on to be able to choose according to need, produce stronger adherent power, add the option of the medium that print, can assure to print the handwriting that come out not to get more the influence of the outside. And this heating process, how to heat, can give computer will control. Current, because had developed all sorts of software that use the label that print technically, so, to using person for, can saying is exceedingly convenient, especially general label should generate bar code, the generation of bar code symbol also became the necessary tool of this kind of software accordingly.
Material of hot move label can be divided commonly to have coating is mixed without coating two kinds, their surface sucks Chinese ink sex and smooth pitch each are not identical. Cent of the ribbon that print is candle radical printing ink, colophony radical printing ink and candle, colophony synthesizes printing ink 3 kinds. Form code printer also has a certain number of variety, and the printing ink surface after some label still need to pressworking is printed. So, the quality that the matched pair label of material of printer, label, ribbon prints has very big effect.
Heat turns imprint the effect that the quality of printer decides to label is printed, accordingly, in printer of choose and buy when, besides be in on the price besides the consideration, should consider quality more. , the safeguard of the technical support that when buying, must notice to whether have manufacturer, after service wants to notice etc. In the choose and buy heat turns imprint when printer even mature what its print data is extensive and general comfortable sex.
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