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Of carbolic belt and paper cooperate
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The medium that print is the material that shows label printer can be printed, from the appearance of medium cent basically has account of banding, card and ticket, from material cent basically has paper kind, synthetic material and cloth kind. The decision is used why to plant the material that what carbon takes basically is medium, introduce respectively below: Paper kind by exterior glossiness cent is He Yaguang of Gao Guang, half tall light. * Gao Guang: Paper of lens face copperplate, smooth pink. * half tall light: Art paper. * inferior machine-glazed paper: Hectograph paper. Paper of * special type has aluminum foil paper, fluorescent paper, heat quick / heat turns imprint paper. Usually, paper of the Gao Guang that print kind medium uses colophony to increase model candle radical carbon is taken or mix base carbon is taken (IMC W103 and M203) , especially lens face art paper, although it calls copperplate, but the optical thin coating that the surface is material of a synthesis, answer to be treated by synthetic material, use M203 carbon is taken. The carbon that Zhang Ke of half tall machine-glazed paper uses takes sort to increase for colophony model candle radical and commonly candle radical carbon is taken (IMC W103E and W103) . And inferior smooth kind can be printed only with W103. Synthesize material to be by material cent: * PET (get together fat) * PVC (polyvinyl chloride) *BOPP (polypropylene) * PE (polyethylene) * PS (get together third ethylene) * POLYIMIDE (get together mill ethylene amine) * metallization PET basically has laser rainbow film, the film that pull silk, aureate (Gao Guang, inferior smooth) argent (Gao Guang, inferior smooth) . These material and paper kind data phase wants than intensity big, beautiful, want to environmental suitable scope wide, the demand that brings to carbon wants tall, basically use mix base and belt of colophony radical carbon, specific with why to plant ask and use an environment what carbolic belt is about to see the person that use, if ask to prevent only,grind, can use M203 only, if have the demand of other, if anticorrosion is mixed,fight high temperature sex, be about to use R303, but at this moment label can use PET only (180 ℃ ) with POLYIMIDE (300 ℃ ) two kinds of material. What above says is general situation only, but material sort is various, intermediate distinction is very big, to get the satisfactory result that print, should experiment for many times according to respective circumstance, ability finds appropriate carbon to take.

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