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RFID and bar code technology will be the long-term co-exist in the Chinese re
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Recently, Wal-Mart project in Foshan EPC adoption of RFID suppliers to promote technical briefing session to require all suppliers on January 20, 2009 from Sam's Club's all shipped to distribution centers and retail stores container products Must be based on new specifications (EPC), electronic product labels affixed, marking its full in China sounded the clarion call to promote RFID technology. In this regard, Analysys International said: Although Wal-Mart RFID applications have been received from the considerable benefits, but with the current status of the domestic retail industry, RFID technology applications in the retail industry, long-term coexistence with bar code technology . First, while RFID technology has many advantages that can help save labor costs, real-time supply chain management, improve operational efficiency, but its high cost can not be applied to a single product, and as a result of the low and Subject matter of the material posted limit, in the face of some wear and tear, such as seal or magnetic interference, the recognition effect is easy to be affected, may be lost time, wrong time situation. Second, retail giant Wal-Mart are keen to promote the electronic tags, is because it can save a lot of labor costs, but this does not apply to other domestic retail business, this is because the human cost of our country is still a Has a clear comparative advantage, therefore, the urgency of using RFID is not high. These factors contribute to the current application of RFID technology in the retail industry has not achieved a breakthrough, particularly the cost of RFID is not currently suitable for low-value consumer goods using a single product, so the bar code will be a long Time as a complement to RFID solutions exist; addition, RFID tags used in the privacy issues, magnetic pollution and the disposal of waste labels are promoting the process of RFID technology to solve the problem, and section Code label use is not involved in these issues; Therefore, from the current bar code technology applications in the retail industry, RFID technology uses maturity and the current situation, RFID technology and bar code technology will be long-term coexistence. Based on this conclusion, the domestic retail enterprises in the supply chain using RFID, that is used on pallets and cases RFID tags in order to achieve fast access to large libraries of goods and inventory management; in commodity sales to Using bar code technology, that is, the use of bar codes in a single product to meet the needs of sales, is a more appropriate solution.
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