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Shallow talk about the application of commodity bar code in plant business manag
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Line of business of wine of inn of Henan buy or sell on credit limited company is a country large company, dominant product is liquor, alcohol, feed, generate electricity 4 kinds big, department " Henan saves liquor industry 10 strong, " Chinese liquor industry 100 strong companies " . Liquor product has about a hundred kinds of product to use bar code.

Company of estate of wine of inn of buy or sell on credit becomes member of system of bar code of commodity of center of Chinese article encode, already had history of more than 10 years, product of company all white spirit uses EAN-13 bar code, bar code is used went to the lavatory already of the product current, the science management that is an enterprise again lays next solid foundations.

It is to take seriously highly, father to close quality of commodity bar code. At the beginning of line of business of wine of inn of buy or sell on credit becomes member of system of bar code of commodity of center of Chinese article encode oneself, take pair of commodity bar code seriously to supervise the work very. The enrollment that decides person specially assigned for a task is in charge of bar code certificate, add is exhibited, the encode of bar code, film is ordered make the work, the company pledges check point is in charge of examining bar code prints quality.

Through be opposite commodity bar code pressworks the control of quality, can reflect the good figure that gives company product already, the interest that affects the distributors that uses bar code technology to have scanning close an account directly again (the commodity bar code with inferior quality is met not only the speed of settle accounts of bring down scanning, because be read by accident,be met even and cause pecuniary loss) , accordingly, line of business of wine of inn of buy or sell on credit fathers to close quality of commodity bar code from fountainhead, their practice is:

(one) film is made

Film of the bar code that make is to presswork the key of eligible commodity bar code. To assure quality of bar code film, they code in Chinese article central Henan divides a center to order early or late make lacquer original nearly 1000 give presswork manufacturer, magnify by its coefficient mark the Huaihe River asks to print strictly.

(2) presswork manufacturer choice

Choose a batch to bar code pressworks aptitude, scale is larger, honest reputation is good, technical equipment pressworks advancedly enterprise the supplier as the company, establish long-term cooperative relationship, ensure with this of the bar code on packing print quality.

(3) quality inspection of commodity bar code

The company pledges check is in those who be in charge of liquor packing to examine into the factory, it is to requirement of bar code black-and-white among them: Taste, use strictly according to enlarge coefficient of the regulation " white base is black " presswork, must not have spot, take off the blemish such as Chinese ink, unqualified person must not put in storage, use.
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