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Barcode business scene for the launch-service
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Article Numbering Centre of China's General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection Information Center, launched by the AQSIQ Web site for a product code online online-service scenario, the official opening is expected by the end of December. According to reports, the substantial degree of information to enhance and further development of coding items, ask China to Article Numbering Center provide more convenient, more efficient, more personalized service. AQSIQ portal wide audience, high-impact, high visibility. Administration of the site in the establishment of a "product code for" scene-service can improve the encoding center service levels and ability. It is understood that the handle bar is the most basic goods and core business, companies can apply online for bar code, bar code renewal, change the bar code information and other services, may request information such as retail goods, non-retail goods, logistics service unit of coding, but also can apply bar code card, barcode card is enabled, the notification code information and other services. Has been completed in accordance with specific steps of business processes and the design, application bar code is divided into three steps to submit application materials companies, online services can provide download the registration form, fill Guide, administrative divisions and the national industrial classification code query, the relevant questions and other services.
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