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New technology develops application and automation of chain retail trade
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One, 16/24H full-time serves a store
Exceed 8000 dollars above when national earning, interlink convenience shop to replace a supermarket, become retail trade to develop most flourishingly one of industry condition, and earning of our country civilian already exceeded this one level 1990, reason is in in recent years the ave of size town is off-street, can see the fragrant footprint of convenience shop, one of management characteristic to do business 24 hours all the year round is not had cease, its advantage sex resembles reason a medium big freezer and storeroom are general, inside any time, want a mouth to be able to buy each goods of need only, and indebted and most is the nocturnal cat in nightly activity a group of things with common features, this one population exceeds 1 million people possibly in Taipei city only. It is convenience shop not merely so, 24 hours of a lot of battalion carry sell field is consecutive also appear, but subsequently and those who come is the administrative problem that poses your poll to ache however, stuff of such as big evening shift is serious lack and management are difficult, of a lot of shops dish happen to be engraved temporarily here mostly fortunately. In addition, the safety that personnel of big evening shift reachs inside inn also is one of thinking elements.
Full-time of so called 16/24H serves a store, say simply even if have the service of two personnel only, namely in the morning 7 to afternoon 3 to in the evening 11 as to nightly 11 the following day in the morning 7 between, although do not have personnel to serve but still can rectify by inn doorway piece large and automatic traffic machine place to replace: Traffic machine the size that can inspect storefront, store the quantity is planted to 800 kinds of number by 450 kinds dimension is optional, also can use average credit card the member of type or this company gets stuck, input password and product code choose voluntary service, the shop of this kind of type is developing quickly in abroad, besides the difficult problem that can solve big evening shift effectively to bring management to go up, still have undermentioned a few advantages:
(one) commodity force
(2) of the shop savour
(3) accord with administrative principle
(4) use computerization government
(5) it is easy to do not use cash reason to manage
It is under inadequacy of long-term staff member, lack more badly with the personnel receiving silver of its layer especially, some retail trade are in aiguille period of time, although have POS cash register but operation of the member that be like nobody however, so scientists break out crank, envisage a personnel receiving silver to be able to handle the appearance of two cash register at the same time- -
2, below we can evolve into a process to try to understand by what the counter designs:
(one) traditional pattern counter
Namely the member that a member that receive silver matchs to pack or a member that receive silver matchs digital the member that pack, will assist pack reach receive silver.
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