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Technology of magnetic card bar code applies mediumly in the system between hosp
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Current, the hospital of domestic great majority had his inside information system, but still cannot dog the whole lifecycle of doctor's advice. This makes a few important medical treatment information cannot the electron is changed, dog in monitoring of medical treatment quality and patient charge consequently waited for a respect to produce a few existing HIS (hospital information system) system cannot very good settlement problem. These problems basically have:
● patient identity is decided really, it is dangerous that pure support sick personnel or full name identify a patient;
Because ● does not have the record that carries out a state actually about each doctor's advice in all of computer science department, namely: Carry out support of the people actually what lack each executive project to execute time actually, this brought difficulty to control of further medical treatment quality. If all of computer science department had relevant data, can accomplish truly nurse the executive monitoring of quality, activity specification cure protects the behavior of personnel, correct in time a few omit and accident, the award that protects personnel to cure thereby is punished frequently lazy reach complete courtyard to nurse resource allocation provides objective basis;
Because ● shows some systems be turn in doctor's advice the executive project that copies level to be decomposed to its place undertakes collecting fees, and did not care a patient to whether receive corresponding treatment in fact, because be met,collect fees caused a few disorders;
All of computer science department with existing ● is in the application of ward is mere the inquiry of stage of nurse of bureau be confined to and affirm. Below this kind of circumstance, specific in carrying out a process with the doctor's advice of every patient to every ward, the error that hard to avoid meets occurrence person be or doctor's advice carry out undeserved circumstance;
● nurse costs too much time to complete paper work, these time can serve for the patient originally;
All occurrence of these problems, the design with respect to information system, the it is much more important to carry out and be made patient that the mainest obstacle is doctor's advice is clinical information produces in patient bedside, and we cannot ask the nurse is being carried out each doctor's advice and after getting patient information, return nurse station computer to finish instantly type.
Normally, clinical nurse the mobile medical science with much need protects personnel. Change and of character, these personnel get wants information well and truly quickly often is not an easy thing. The fact proves, doctor and nurse obtain pertinent information more seasonable, what they make in the light of the patient is decision-making more effective. If happen,omit, may delay remedial opportunity of the patient.
A few research that are aimed at medical treatment quality make clear, the undesirable incident of the hospital and information manage be closely bound up. Through improvement iformation flow is mixed raise accuracy, the mistake that when we can avoid to cannot get information in time, may appear, defer and repeat processing.
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