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System of clothing company bar code applies integral solution
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"Data of 7 minutes of 3 minutes of technologies, management, extremely "
Current, the accuracy of data already became clothing company whether the crucial factor of system of success application information. Clothing company has its special industry character, the characteristic that the design of its product, color, measures combines decided those who taste an amount to follow pattern its are odd increase and show geometrical class growth, sale system is covered straight battalion, wholesale, concessionary wait for a variety of industry condition, retail door inn (the inn in shop, brand shop, inn) numerous, geography causes the amount dispersedly information content grows quickly and the place is dispersive. Apparent, traditional handiwork collects sale, content shedding, check, allocate the mass data that waits for link not actual already, company of development of science and technology of Beijing acute pace regards the lead that garment industry informatization builds as the manufacturer, should the pressing requirement of broad client, demand of sufficient survey business, combine an all sorts of advanced form to pile up a technology, rolled out clothing company solution of whole of form code application, with raising the applied level that clothing company computer runs greatly, drive level of dress business management to enter new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position.

One, form code overview
Alleged bar code (the abbreviation) of form code, electrical scanning of consumed of a kind of benefit reads equipment knowledge to read and realize data to input the special symbol of the computer automatically namely. Tell strictly, it is arrange by a group of regulation, sky and the number that its correspondence character comprises, in order to shows certain information.
Bar code is up to now most a economy, practical kind identify a technology automatically. Bar code technology has the following advantages:
The first: Input rate is rapid, input photograph comparing with clavier, the speed that bar code inputs is 5 times what clavier inputs.
The 2nd: Reliability is high, clavier data-in error rate is 1/300, benefit is with OCR technology error rate extremely one of, and use bar code technology to be piled up by accident rate under 1/1000000.
The 3rd: Collect information content big, the one dimension bar code that uses a convention can gather the information of a few character, 2 dimension bar code can carry the message of thousands of character more, can include graph or Chinese character, have capacity of certain automatic error correction.
The 4th: Agile and practical, bar code label can identify a method to be used alone as a kind already, also can mix about identify equipment to comprise a system to realize automation identifying, still can rise with connection of other control equipment achieve automation administration.
Additional, bar code label is made easily, do not have special requirement to equipment and material, it is easy to identify equipment to operate, do not need special groom, and facilities is relatively cheap also.
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