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Bar code of fixed assets government runs program
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[overview of plan of bar code of fixed assets government]
Fixed assets management is one of business management main component, fixed assets has value tall, long, use ground nods use cycle difficulty of dispersive, management is great wait for a characteristic. A lot of enterprises perhaps had encountered the problem that lists below in process of fixed assets government:

Data of 1) asset depreciation is not accurate----Cannot the operation result of accurate report enterprise and outstanding achievement.
2) book value count is not exact----Cause property prediction of a person's luck in a given year.
The check with onerous 3) works, cost bad news force----News report is not seasonable, affected the operation efficiency of the enterprise, bring about asset to repeat purchase.

On the foundation of the demand for service that analyses management of company fixed assets in sufficient research, solution of bar code of fixed assets government introduces bar code technology fixed assets management, solve the administrative difficult problem of company fixed assets effectively, make the enterprise manages fixed assets effectively. [why should fixed assets management introduce bar code? ]
Because fixed assets uses the ground to nod dispersive characteristic, although be below the support that runs a system, of fixed assets label make, fill in or print, of position of stickup, capital dog, the property of the job such as check and workload did not get change and be improvemented goodly, fixed assets management still is handiwork and union of computer administration posture. Accordingly, need introduces bar code to solve fixed assets data effectively to collect the bottleneck difficult problem of the input dispersedly, the function that just can run fixed assets the system so is the biggest the play that turn the land comes out.

[how to introduce bar code fixed assets management? ]

1) prints label of fixed assets bar code
Cancel the fixed assets label that handiwork is written or common printer prints. On the foundation that codes in original fixed assets, come out expression of fixed assets number with bar code symbol, printer of use appropriative bar code prints the fixed assets ticket that gives special medium.
Professional bar code printer can print the film such as PET, PVC kind special medium, because this can be chosen waterproof, prevent smeary, prevent the PET tagboard that tear off, make sure fixed assets label is saved for a long time with clarity.

The label that 2) will contain bar code information is stickup go up in fixed assets
3) uses those who contain function of bar code scanning to hold data terminal to undertake fixed assets spot manages
Fixed assets distributings each branches that are in an enterprise and place, undertake fixed assets dog to must have data to every spot with check collect and type. Deploy those who contain function of bar code scanning to hold data terminal to fixed assets administrator right now, the data that can have the spot is collected, information types the change that includes state, the change of use branch and other remarks information.
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