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ERP manages overview of bar code plan
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[overview of plan of ERP government bar code]
Any ERP systems need much data input, fall in the premise of the effective and correct input when getting reaching only, ERP system ability has management and decision-making support effect for the enterprise truly. ERP can share accurate data inside enterprise limits, improve productivity greatly. But the data that inputs a mistake, its affect same also meeting to pervade each corner of enterprise limits, final likelihood brings about serious management decision-making mistake.

This kind of dependence to data-in has become ERP system to carry out a medium serious problem. Researcher had done much work in this respect. The solution that looks the most effective at present is remained identify a technology automatically, especially form code technology.

With all sorts of one dimension the code is a form of the representing to pile up a technology had been technology of maturity of a height, make in production, the respect such as commercial sale got applied extensively. But the farther promotion application that the capacity issue of one dimension bar code restricted it. Enter 20 centuries after 90 time, bar code technology coruscate gives new vitality, this is the technology of 2 dimension bar code such as PDF417, QR. These bar code technologies are in acceded on the foundation of advantage of one dimension bar code, still have high capacity, tall error correction to fight the characteristic such as damaged sex rate, high. This is the promotion application of bar code, especially the application in ERP system laid solid foundation.

[characteristic of program of system of ERP government bar code]

At present bar code is generated knowledge it is mature to read a technology to had comparatived, in ERP system executive bar code applies crucial point to depend on how be united in wedlock with original ERP system. From the point of join form, module of bar code support and ERP system have close coupling join and loose coupling link two kinds of forms.

In close coupling, bar code supports module actually with ERP system be an organic whole. Bar code support arrives deep the business arrangement of ideas of ERP. Generally speaking, majority of this kind of circumstance is in ERP in carrying out, had considered bar code supports. The efficiency of close coupling means is highest, do not have what function to affect almost to original ERP system; At the same time shirt-sleeve to current business best. But close coupling means is faulty also, because two parts correlation is closer,be, in business course changes flexibility is not tall.

Loose coupling means and close coupling kind are different, in loose coupling means bar code supports module is a independent actually, it is the outspread part that regards ERP as the system is self-existent. Loose coupling means than close coupling means, the advantage is strong to adaptability of business course changes, because once happen,be changed, can alter only bar code supports module, and need not touch war greatly to ERP system. The defect of loose coupling means is to loosen generally speaking coupling means efficiency is inferior to tightening coupling, often affect original ERP system in the meeting on certain level at the same time.
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