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Storehouse government bar code uses program
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It is today in storehouse management the most general technology topic is bar code is changed, of companion store with data, transmit, platform of intelligent software, computer and communication network. No matter over there content shedding flow direction, we can record the flow that next content shed automatically, effective bar code storehouse manages, the union of technology of bar code software and information processing technology helps us reasonably, some favourable geographical position use warehouse space, it is a client to serve best according to offerring with the means of cost of the the fastest, most correct, lowest.

[plan is summarized]

Solution of storehouse government bar code introduces bar code technology in storehouse management, to storehouse arrive examine, put in storage, delivery of cargo from storage, allocate and transfer, move the data that the data of each cargo handling operation such as check of library shift, inventory has automation is collected, make sure storehouse manages the efficiency that data of each cargo handling operation input and accuracy, ensure the enterprise masters the real data of inventory well and truly, reasonable maintain and control company stock. Carry scientific code, the batch that still can have article conveniently, expiration period undertake administrative.

[run requirement]

The warehouse system of 1) tradition is internal, rely on commonly non-automati change, the system that is a foundation with paper file comes the record, goods that tracks pass in and out, carry out the management of storehouse interior with factitious memory. To whole storage area, the person is the uncertainty of the element, bring about labor efficiency low, manpower resource is wasted badly.

2) adds the leap that tries to reach discrepancy library frequency as what stock category reachs an amount, traditional storehouse exercise pattern affects normal moving work efficiency badly. And the storehouse management system that has the computer government that has established, as the aggravate of flow of goods, also satisfy storehouse management to allow quickly hard really the requirement when.

While technology of 3) bar code was solving the automation that the data of storehouse work staff inputs, those who realized data is accurate transmit, ensure storehouse works efficiency, be helpful for making full use of limited warehouse space.

How to introduce bar code storehouse management?

1) is tasted to inventory undertake science codes, paratactic imprint inventory tastes bar code label.
The administrative target with different basis (should track sheet to taste for example, still realize the expiration period / batch management) taste to inventory undertake science codes, on the foundation of scientific encode, front row of put in storage imprints give inventory to taste bar code label, collect in order to facilitate each link of follow-up storehouse exercise undertake the automation of relevant data.
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