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New store opens business to be read surely - convenience inn / brand shop / the
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A lot of bosses consider shop of advantage of small supermarket, community, but suffer from does not know this kind of inn to need a few what kind of facility receiving silver after all! Here makes a simple introduction!

Main facility:
1.POS cash register (include a client to show the screen, member that receive silver uses monitor, lead plane, accept the package such as cashbox of printer of silver-colored small bill, electron)
2.Bar code scanner (gun of laser of CCD of optional choose hand-held, hand-held, belt bracket CCD or laser gun, capital can choose the bar code knowledge such as laser platform to read equipment amply)
3.Software of management receiving silver (POS machine good, the software of management receiving silver that stability runs, can help cost of your business accounting and inventory, management analyse management data, make you win out easily in intense competition! )

Assist equipment and bad news capable person:
1.UPS does not see power source, use at cutting off the power the data that cash register protects when power cut, make when power cut unapt missing data, attaint operating system damages even cash register hardware
2.Balance of valuation of bar code electron, have fruit vegetable when supermarket, convenience inn or when cruelly oppress product, use level of bar code electron with respect to need. It is a kind product information (include amount of product name, weight, monovalent, aggregate to wait) print in Reminbugan on glue tagboard, especially amount of product code information, aggregate or weight information expresses with bar code, bar code scanner lets identify again when receiving silver and through controlling silver-colored system software analytic data achieves the accurate, goal that receives silver quickly.
3.Balance of electron of paper receiving silver, bar code uses heat quick not to do the bad news capable person such as glue tagboard
4.The machine that hit price (price tag machine) reach the paper that hit price

Welcome broad client to consult meaning code company, let your set up shop need not anxious!

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