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Ticket Wu manages systematic bar code to use program
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System of Wu of bar code ticket uses advanced electronic bar code to make identify technology and management of information of computer ticket Wu to be united in wedlock, have figure modernization, manage unifinication, information real time sex, prevent bogus dependability, the characteristic of sex of business accounting rigor. Make electron of job of ticket of traditional and manual carry out is changed, at the same time implementation ticket Wu manages the job to move toward comprehensive automation, standardization, can from go up at all the current situation that resolves bill to inquire strength of labor of ticket of difficult, carry out is great, improve bill management efficiency and the service quality to the client.

A lot of circumstances in the life need to use all sorts of ticket card (wait for an industry like beauty spot of of all kinds travel, railroad, highway, shipping collect fees ticket card) , traditional carry out ticket and ticket Wu management are with handiwork exercise is given priority to, bring about in certain and specific height period of time, the labor intensity leap of personnel of carry out ticket, work efficiency drops, and the job that administrator also cannot arrange personnel of carry out ticket scientificly reasonably by accurate statistical data, final result brings about a client to complain namely.
Efficient, low cost is bar code technology in the ticket Wu management system applies medium marked characteristic, hope to achieve combinative oneself to be in the advanced technique of bar code domain and product, make with what bar code technology realizes all sorts of ticket card reach automation management, make an user the loaded down with trivial details that true notice sternly fastens ticket of manual carry out, inefficient.

Comfortable use closes:

Ticket of check of cinema carry out runs a system
The park makes work automatically check ticket system
Information of car passenger transport runs a system
Highway collects fees system
Stop a garage to collect fees system

Main function:

1, can plant according to different showing number, different bank note, the entrance ticket with different work off, when outputting entrance ticket, print bar code automatically. Can offer the inquiry of information of ticket of relevant carry out, begin in order to assist what carry out ticket works, convenient booking clerk undertakes inquiring statistic. 2, management of check ticket, return a ticket
Provide the check ticket function that the entrance handles, realize real time and ticket of batch processing check to offer the hint of information of relevant check ticket, in order to assist check ticket member welcome the job, or when convenient audience has doubt to need a service, undertake inquiring. To return a ticket, have strict desired result, give to illegal bill put an end to.

3, carry out ticket real time monitoring
To control audience flow, offer carry out ticket to control a function, but set restricts a kind or the amount giving a bill of a variety of entrance ticket. When real time judgement achieves set limit to giving a bill, clew booking clerk locks up the carry out ticket that decides this ticket to plant.
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