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Retail POS system uses trade an executive program of form code system
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Come a few years, center of encode of course China article and center of cent of countrywide each district, system is compositive of the relevant parties face such as business energetically conduct propaganda, promotion and practice, the application of bar code technology already was known by more and more person place and accept, especially bar code technology obtained very delectable result in the application in management of flow of goods. Food, beverage, day changes the bar code popularity rate of the commodity such as things to rise increasingly. because such, promoted bar code technology to run medium application in flow of goods, using commodity of bar code management store of more and more bazaar, supermarket, chain, brand shop in part or comprehensive ground. The large market that a few comprehensive use bar code run (if the beauty of Shanghai is beautiful,one practice realized the business mansion such as square of general merchandise, times whole bar code turns management) with the supermarket, already appeared in the big city such as Shanghai, make the model that bar code technology uses in management of flow of goods.
Review the large market that uses bar code government in the round or brand shop, discover these commercial company majority are China and foreign countries not hard joint-stock or foreign capital enterprise. This tells us inside endowment the consciousness of technology of bar code of commercial company application lags behind at developed country and area far, the business management level that this also is us lags behind at developed country and one of area reasons.
The profit that bar code technology uses in management of flow of goods is clearly. It facilitates not only sale, what can avoid the pecuniary loss that causes as a result of factitious accident and management to go up more is confused, can improve work efficiency and level of management greatly.
Bar code technology already was taken seriously about the branch highly in the promotion application of our country by our country government, manage medium application to will become our country bar code to use a field with the widest range in flow of goods especially. Accordingly, each respects take the application of bar code technology in this one domain seriously very. The application in popularizing bar code technology to manage in flow of goods in the round is need not of doubt. Because it is current,a kind of of management the most advanced management method has to flow of goods on international. Want to make the commerce of our country and international conform, the flow of goods that must be popularized energetically and popularizes bar code technology to be in our country runs medium application.


One, the foundation of bar code application works
No matter bar code technology is used in that one domain, must achieve computer administration above all, just talk to go up next the application of bar code technology) bar code technology is used in management of flow of goods not exceptional also, should be in above all namely the implementation computer management such as store of bazaar, supermarket, chain, brand shop, retailing shop. Current, our country government concerns a branch to popularizing commercial automation energetically in the whole nation, want to wait for implementation computer to manage in store of big, medium-sized bazaar, supermarket, chain above all that is to say, this laid good foundation to achieve bar code administration, created advantage. The market that already achieved computer administration realizes the Yao that bar code management is one pace merely again, but the result that can get expect to be less than however.
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