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The bar code technology in retail supermarket management uses large trade
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The application of bar code is indispensable in modern large supermarket management. Large supermarket, from fore-and-aft arrive transverse, reach the management of employee to the client from the choice of the current, supplier of commodity, use bar code adequately already.
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The use of   bar code basically reflects in the following place:
  of     1, the management of flow of goods;
  of     2, the client's management;
  of     3, the management of the supplier;
  of     4, the management of employee.
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The management of flow of goods
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The flow of goods in   supermarket includes: Control goods, put in storage, aspect storehouse, delivery of cargo from storage, check valence, sale, check to wait, particular operation is as follows---
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  receives money: Employee of department receiving money holds wireless and portable terminal, wait for a data through order of the name of kinds or types of goods that wireless net and lead plane connective already had this secondary to close on wireless and portable terminal, amount, money, carry the bar code that scanning goods carries oneself, confirm goods sign, reintroduce the amount of this goods, can show whether this goods accords with the requirement of order immediately on wireless and portable terminal. If accord with, send measure of put in storage goods.
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  put in storage and delivery of cargo from storage: Put in storage and delivery of cargo from storage are the measure that storehouse branch repeats above actually, increasing this one pace is to convenient managing only, fulfil the responsibility of departmental door, after also can preventing some goods to receive money, need to enter market directly and not the disorder that place of put in storage produces.
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  nods a storehouse: Nodding a storehouse is storehouse branch the most important, also be a the most necessary process. Storehouse department employee holds wireless and portable terminal (through wireless net and lead plane connective the goods number that there has been each kinds or types of goods on wireless and portable terminal, put the position, the data such as specific amount) the bar code of scanning kinds or types of goods, confirm goods sign, affirm an amount. All data can carry wireless network ground of real time sex conveys lead plane.
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  checks price: Checking price is a of the supermarket trival task. When have bargain price because of regular meeting of classics of kinds or types of goods or be being adjusted, the disorder is incidental also, so salesman carries wireless and portable terminal, the waist hangs printer of small-sized bar code, the lead plane data that goes up according to wireless and portable terminal examines the fluctuant case of kinds or types of goods, correspondence changes and still do not have the kinds or types of goods that change, join through wireless and portable terminal printer of small-sized bar code is printed immediately after changing brand-new bar code label, stick on goods shelves or kinds or types of goods.
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