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Sale management bar code uses program
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[plan of sale management bar code is summarized]

The sale promotes company product to the market, realize product value, and the figure that the character of after service affects a business directly and the product sale that the company did not come. Sale and after service are decision business whether gain and whether continuously the crucial link of gain. Because this is opposite the accurate control of the information data with sale and after service valuable link, crucial to the enterprise.

The sale is tracked bar code technology introduces in managing bar code solution to track management in the sale, to undertaking from the data of each link after carry out arriving before carry out the data of automation is collected, assure the efficiency that data of whole sale link inputs and accuracy, ensure the enterprise masters the real data related the sale well and truly, the active management that achieves pair of sales for the enterprise and relevant and decision-making the basis that provides science.

[why should sale management introduce bar code? ]

Because the product is achieving the status that flow is in from beginning to end in the process of the sale, although be below the support that runs a system, the product is inputted in the data that sells current segment individually and did not get strong safeguard, sale management still is handiwork and union of computer administration posture. Because this needs to introduce bar code to settle a sale effectively,data collects the bottleneck difficult problem of the input dispersedly, the function that just can run the sale the system so is the biggest the play that turn the land comes out.

[how to introduce bar code sale management? ]

1) gives a product only status label, express with bar code symbol.

2) row imprints bar code label, and the basis needs stickup go up in the product, bag mount, guarantee on sheet and product archives.
Through be on the product, bag mount, guarantee bar code is affixed on sheet and product archives, can be opposite conveniently product from production, store the whole technological process after carry, sale, carry out undertakes tracking. In the product current each link rips next bar code from the product, take junior line scanning, instant perhaps scanning is recorded, use which kind of means no matter, can record which kind of products in when, which branch, what to sell the person, who sells, fulfil which order or contract. Had these fundamental news, we are OK very have analysis and statistic conveniently. The manufacturing sale that is an enterprise is decision-making provide a help, the real problem that and can be solved encounters in a lot of after service.

When the user guarantees or producing quality to complain, the sale that carries bar code runs a system, can examining this one product instantly is when He De by He Ren work off, how much is the price, sell contract content, guarantee the record. Fake and string together goods to be able to try to identify instantly through checking the product is recorded.
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