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Product bar code defends puppet management system
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Fake the product makes country, enterprise and consumer incur severe loss. Making a holiday is protective country, enterprise and consumer interest, it is proper, the inevitable requirement of orderly competition. If the product of a famous brand does not use the effective method that prevent bogus, may be forged the concussion of the product in great quantities, destroy the form of the product greatly.
Manage as the enterprise from extensive model to intensive model change, channel management field is sold in cent, the animal farm limitation at technology and method, of most company continue to use still is the mode that runs earlier convention and administrative pattern, these means are highlighted increasingly in efficiency, cost and the inferior position that can dominate the field such as the gender. Accordingly, the change of market environment raised new requirement to the channel management pattern of the enterprise.
Product bar code prevents puppet management system to be able to help an enterprise sell the orderly flow in the network to implementation is supervised strictly and be controlled in cent to crucial commodity, improve the channel level of management of the enterprise, reduce and avoid channel venture. The system is added through application close model technology of 2 dimension bar code, undertake marking accurately with what keep secret to crucial commodity. The goods that carries nonlocal branch checks function, can put an end to a product effectively to cross division sale and change goods, be on guard to be pounded fakely.
Functional description:

1.Production manages module
The enterprise is above every product the bar code that affixes an only sign, can have add close one dimension code, add close the form such as 2 dimension code, contain the breed information of the product, manufacturing information, serial number, sale information, especially, data and the information such as number of serial of controller of the sale area that 2 dimension bar code can record more detailed commodity, sale, crucial fittings, added an exclusive, complete, confidential identity and attribute identifier for commodity thereby.
One dimension code records 20 right-and-left information, 2 dimension code records hundreds of information. Investment of one dimension code is little, investment of 2 dimension code is large.
Further, the enterprise can flow to the delivery of cargo from storage of commodity, put in storage, content wait for link to realize strict monitoring through reading bar code quickly, each business sites in making cent sells a network had powerful commodity to check a function, business site can sell attribute of area, product to wait to commodity according to need undertake check and matching, the function that check is particular will pass terminal of scanning of portable bar code, or add bar code scanner to come true through notebook computer.
In manufacturing management module, include label management (definition, print, knowledge read, data is added close) , product management (attribute is added, delete, revise) , user attributive management, data uploads the function such as download management.
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