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Application of bar code of rely on for support of Chengdu garment industry seeks an industry to upgrade

From distant east the peninsula arrives Lei Zhou peninsula, coasting of our country mainland is economy of a perforative our country developeds the arc of the area. This arc is a piece of bend, if an arrow is built on this piece of bend, man Xian during, arrow feather as it happens stops in Chengdu.

This is to will be in on October 28 " modern other people sheds 2005 Chengdu to use forum with bar code technology " on, classics of the Chengdu City appoint the opening remarks that vice director Chen Zhongwei makes a speech. Before a few months, the Chengdu City puts forward " it is Chengdu building western modern other people sheds a center " hind, this is based on dollar of GDP2500 of average per capita, appearing again carry on the eastpart part, coupling western the analogy of geographical advantage is mentioned by Chengdu person constantly. The Chengdu City is planning and build 7 content to shed garden division, one among them is western area of garment industry garden. A heat of this forum, it is construction of each garden area all be with bar code on technical level rely on, and the garment industry of the Chengdu City of down to of area of garment industry garden should use bar code technology.

Introduce according to Zheng Moxun of vice-president of Chengdu dress guild, year of sale of Chengdu dress amount to many yuan 1100, have dress and company of production of form a complete set many 2000, from personnel of course of study 20 much, year productivity many 2000. But, the scope of Chengdu clothing company is little and dispersive, this locality brand does not sell on valence, those who enter bazaar supermarket is very few very difficult also. In the dress of 3000 many brands on field of the Chengdu City, the nonlocal brand that has 60% at least is Chengdu production, the production that stick a card caused Chengdu garment industry to have actual strength, breathed praise awkward. Zheng Moxun says, the garment industry of Chengdu must upgrade in the industry fluctuation full time just has the day that come forward, chengdu dress guild is prompting the move that uses commodity bar code in garment industry to the utmost, the industry that is Chengdu garment industry namely upgrades prepare.

Bar code is affixed on dress, facilitate trade settle accounts. But, does the industry of bar code and garment industry upgrade what is contacted necessarily? Wang Huiping of head of department of government of center of Chinese article encode is detailed introduced among them secret. She says, sex of dress product effectiveness for a given period of time is strong, external depend on sb or sth for existence is spent tall, cannot have overmuch stock, must adjust production in time according to the client's demand, this asks garment manufacturing industry and garment retail trade build good information feedback system. A few well-known trademark dress of our country apply the practice of bar code technology to make clear, bar code label is the technical program that establishs effective of system of garment manufacturing industry and feedback of retail trade information.
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