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Dozenth 2005 international spots technical exhibition general situation automati
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The exhibition holds time
On November 2, 2005 ~ 4 days

The exhibition holds a place

Shanghai exhibits a center

Extend meeting scope
5500 square metre
Exhibit general situation
The international that codes by Chinese article center, China identifies technical association automatically to sponsor identifies technical exhibition automatically, it is one of professional grand meeting that international identifies a domain automatically to have authority and force most, held 11 successfully already up to now, the brand that is industry is exhibited meeting.

Identify the product with technical newest domain and technology automatically domestic and internationally for farther conduct propaganda, promotion, exploration identifies a technology automatically to flow in electronic business affairs, modern other people, the compositive application solution of the domain such as informatization of electronic government affairs, enterprise, create environment of good communication, collaboration and atmosphere. The 12nd 2005 international identify technical exhibition automatically taking the base that controls experience of success of all previous exhibition adequately, union identifies development direction of the technology and industry characteristic automatically domestic and internationally at present, continue to increase the exhibition scope of the new product such as radio frequency identifying, biology identifying, new technology, those who discuss all sorts of automatic techniques is compositive use, the key highlights sex of practical, industry, internationally, the bright characteristic such as interactive sex, commerce sex.

Current exhibit meeting general organization of farther aggrandizement audience and exhibit meeting propaganda work, attract applied enterprise and professional audience through all sorts of channel and means, rise those who exhibit meeting and ginseng to exhibit technical product is famous degree. Show scale 5500 square metre, predicting ginseng exhibits an unit more than 100; Exhibition the corresponding period still will hold high level of the 4th EPC/RFID forum and identify news briefing of industry new technology, new product automatically to wait for an activity.

Exhibit this of the meeting timely hold dealings of collaboration of will strong stimulative international, trade and technical communication, become global identify the grand meeting between technical company and final user automatically!

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Identify technology and product automatically

Bar code technology and product block technology and product

Radio frequency technology and product biology identify technology and product

Speech and image identify technology and product OCR and other photoelectricity to identify technical product

Identify compositive application solution automatically
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