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The market current situation of bar code printer
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Current, the bar code printer as a result of home the fall as the price, had begun to gain ground gradually, be in abroad, almost all manufacturing units distribute stock printer of bar code of a label (namely LABELPRINTER and BARCODEPRINTER) , apply in the respect such as product label, and major company has bar code reader (namely SCANNER) collect with data implement the accessory equipment that waits for bar code printer, the bar code that formed company interior to manage manages the administrative pattern of automation. Now, we introduce bar code printer simply to be in here domestic circumstance.

Generally speaking, bar code printer basically distinguishs for commerce model with industry model two kinds;

Commerce use at industry of the office, small-sized factory, jewelry to wait imprint the circumstance with smaller amount, the quantity of a day that print is in 2000 pieces of less than when use. Commerce the rigid structure that printer of label bar code uses basically is given priority to with plastic composition, there is the advantage that comparative on the price, now the main product on the market is give priority to with the product of Taiwan, for example the set of ARGOX printer OS that Taiwan establishs to be produced like company place, the market is had rate it is about 90% , the others 10% , division sincere the small-sized machine series that half company produces Godex and station (Ez/cleaver) , because the price of Euramerican product is very high, the Eltron that there is Zebra zebra card only on the market at present (common says to love to achieve machine) a few small-sized machine with Datamax. Above in these products, the momentum of OS series market that establishs elephantine company with Taiwan again is most violent, on the market surpassing case of Shenzhen, mastered the market of 90% almost. A few want the inn-keeper that is distributors course of study small-sized machine only, nearly always the product of ARGOX, cannot see other brand product.

Industry printer can say at present is 3 minutes of the world when, have respectively:

(1) brand of dominant of foreign capital manufacturer

(zebra Zebra, datamax, TEC, ELTRON, INTERMEC, SATO, GODEX, CLEVER, NOVEXX, MONARCH) as a result of a lot of foreign capital manufacturer, use the brand of local homeland in abroad, for example Japanese SATO, TEC, these day fasten manufacturer to be used easily by Japanese manufacturer, zebra zebra is used easily by American manufacturer, be used easily INTERMEC/NOVVEX/PAXAR by European country, company of a lot of foreign capital trusts the brand of own country quite normally, although the price is high also will not grudge, and inside this, add some units to buy a product with price orientaton, think the price is higher, quality is better, make brand of a few abroad has particular market to lead accordingly.

(2) scattered brand

As a result of a lot of manufacturer, when searching printer of label bar code, often do not know what brand what norms just is real need, add distributors the profit for oneself, often recommend a few profit tall, but the product that does not fit most certainly, because this causes some companies to often buy a few home market to have,leading is not very expensive product, although these products also have quality very good, but maintenance often cannot get satisfaction etc. At present the brand of printer of label bar code on the world is amounted to 30 a variety of, the following enumerated the brand searchs possibly in home get: APPOLO, COMFORT, METO, MONARCH, RING, CANTECH, UBI, FARGO, AXHION, CHINTEK,
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