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International bar code identifies the countermeasure of the technology that deve
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The flying development of high-tech, international economy strides quickly to unifinication, promoted news development and the birth that information serves an industry and development. The computer becomes better day by day on function, VLSI and the advance rapidly that exceed technology of high speed computer, how to change manual data input, make input quality and speed match with its, the with technology of the computer, photoelectricity and communication technology development that bar code identifies a technology automatically to lay arise at the historic moment in such environment namely is a of the foundation omnibus science and technology. It is information data identifies automatically, the important method of the input and method. Undertake study to develop from 40 time, formed dimensions gradually seventies, obtained great progress nearly 30 years. Preliminary formed to include bar code technology, porcelain technology, intelligence is card technology, smooth character identifying, system is compositive change, the new and high science and technology that radio frequency technology, speech recognition reachs visual identifying to wait to be an organic whole with technology of the computer, smooth, machine, report, communication. Already applied in each domains of computer management now, permeated line of business of newsletter of carrying trade of commerce, industry, traffic, post and telecommunications, handling of goods, storage, medical treatment the national economy all trades and professions such as project of management of card of travel of wholesome, safe examination, meal, ticket and martial equipment, project and people live daily in.

After World War II, the United States ensured its efficient during World War II rear service administrative pattern of the system to introduce current domain, it is shedding of commodity shedding, goods and materials, iformation flow collect an organic whole, use bar code to identify new and high technology automatically, changed goods and materials of system of goods handling of goods, goods to deserve to send means, sell goods means and settle accounts kind, promoted the development of big current, big market, promoted the rapid development of article encode and bar code technology in international limits thereby, facilitated to establish association of international article encode seventies (EAN) , responsible development, build and drive global article encode and standardization of label of bar code symbol. Its tenet is the application that carries bar code, develop global article label system quickly, stimulative international trade. Main task is to coordinate the bar code application in each country, ensure the member is using the program on bar code label and foot to agree adequately. Already had now spread all over world each continent 71 members.

As a result of the rapid development of encode technology and bar code technology, the birth that it promoted a new industry identifies technical equipment industry automatically namely in the world form. In each economic developed countries drove metaphase of below 80 time to establish international to identify Manufacturers Association automatically. Its target is, establish a synergic group that joins by manufacturer and supplier, in order to form as far as possible capacious identify equipment automatically production, supply, systematic construction reachs concerned service efficient market. The task is to support, drive and promote the development that identifies technical equipment industry automatically, compilatory with release concerned information document, deliver identify technical development and market information automatically, stimulative member organizes the collaboration between and communication, on the foundation that is not gain, devote oneself to lawful professional activity, now oneself the member organizes more than 30.
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